15 April 2009

Champions League Reaction: Chelsea v. Liverpool

What a match. Now that I've finally returned to normal breathing patterns and my hands have stopped shaking excessively, I figured it was time to give my reaction, both professionally and not so professionally, on the match of the quarterfinals (thus far).

Alex. My bald-headed, free-kick taking, central defending amigo. Your goal was spectacularly amazing awesomeness. But don't forget you are infact a DEFENDER by trade.

If anyone ever tells me that Chelsea never play with spirit and heart, they should be prepared for me to go into a lengthy tirade, filled with superlatives and bitch-slapping (Essien-style).

Frank, my love, my hero. You are a legend. End of story, no questions asked. (In addition, you were very well behaved last night with Xabi. Such a good boy you are!)

Didier, how I've missed you. Your performance last night was simply inspirational. Keep it up in the league and this weekend against Arsenal!

Liverpool, well played. There were moments where I was seriously concerned for the Blues. Didn't know if they could recover. You never gave up and showed some real chutzbah. You have my respect and admiration.

Kuyt comforts Lucas with a little guy-love. So disappointing that this had to come from the two ugliest mugs on the pitch last night. Ick.

pictures via The Sun, dailymail, and skysports

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