01 April 2009

ESPN Soccernet's Attempt at Non-Fiction

No news site should do such a thing as to mislead the public. When ESPN created the blog "The Sporting Life," many knew it was not an actual Premier League baller writing to that of the public. Some readers were sucked into believing it's tales of glory and fame, others were offended to think that ESPN was trying to pull wool over the eyes of football fans everywhere. (Who do they think they are?) Then there were the few that realized the intent of the piece... pure fluff. Entertainment for entertainment's sake. In reading said blog, I went through the gauntlet of emotions as other readers had. At first I was confused, then angry that ESPN had tried to legitimize this rubbish, but in the end I realized that it was just someone's bad idea and bad writing. Now I just feel sorry for the poor git who's got to continue to write this embarrassing load of garbage.

picture via ESPN Soccernet

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