29 April 2009

Elen Punches, Frank Defends

This whole break-up is getting a little out of hand. First Elen gets pissed at Boujis after the Fifi Fragrance Awards that she attended with bestie, Abbey Clancy, and begins telling strangers (a.k.a. a journalist) that Frank's all heartless and not returning her tearful, heartbroken voicemails. Wait, didn't SHE break up with HIM?

Then Frank calls a radio station in order to defend himself and tell the presenter to shut the fuck up because it's he anniversary of Pat's death and that Frank's sister is very distressed about the radio presenter calling Frank scum and a bad father. I will say that Frank was very articulate and didn't get overly-emotional. Although it seemed at times that he was going to yell and get angry or just burst into tears, he kept his cool and explained the situation with poise. (In the end, I wanted to just give him a hug.)

Put your boobs away. You're a mother for goodness sake.

pictures via dailymail, The Sun, and zimbio

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