30 June 2008

Transfer Talk: Frank Lampard Looking Suspicious in Italy

elen and frank in italy

Frank Lampard is in Italy on holiday, but there is much speculation that he is there instead to sign a deal with Inter Milan. SkySports in Italy stalked him down in an alley and asked him a few questions. He shot them a smile in his dodgy Capri pants and oversized sunglasses and laughed off their advances. But he was nice enough to give them this little snippet:

"Inter? Let's wait and see. For the moment I am here on holiday with my family. My future at Chelsea? I don't know anything yet. Italy is a beautiful country but I am not due to meet anyone here."

With his fiancé Elen by his side and the company of his two daughters, Luna and Isla, Lampard was focusing on being with them rather than the impending contract talks once he returns to London.

Note: Elen’s sunglasses in the picture above look like she may have stole them from my grandmother’s nightstand. Not cool.

frank lampard in italyfrank lampard in italy 2

Links: Lampard Coy on Inter Links

Baby Bumps: Louise Redknapp in Sardinia

jamiea nd louise redknapp in sardinia

Louise and Jamie Redknapp are holidaying in Porto Carvo, Sardinia with their son Charley, and a baby on the way. Louise flaunted her belly in a black tube bikini and a low slung skirt. The expecting couple looked absolutely delighted while they shared a laugh, relaxing by the pool.

louise redknapp in sardiniajamie and louise redknapp in sardinia 2

Link: Louise Redknapp Shows Blooming baby Bump in Sardinian Sun

Birthday Wishes: Cheryl Cole, 25

ashley and cheryl b-day 2

Cheryl Cole turned 25 today and was joined at the Radisson hotel in Manchester by her hubby, Ashley, and her mother and mother-in-law. With rumors flying around that the two are still planning to split after Ashley attended his brother’s wedding solo last weekend, the two exited the hotel holding each other’s hands and Cheryl looked practically giddy... vomit.

ashley and cheryl b-dayashley and chery b-day 3

Link: Ashley: Happy Birthday Cheryl
Link: Cheryl's Smiling Again as Ashley Makes Sure She Has a VERY Happy Birthday

Happy Canada Day!

I’m not Canadian, but I’d marry this lad in a millisecond.

owen hargreaves canada

23 June 2008

Guest Blogging on THIS IS EXTRA TIME!

This is Extra Time

Dame of Extra Time over at TIET has asked me to write a piece about the Top Ten Idiotic Footballers of the 2007-2008 season. It was posted today and I am working on another article about the Top Ten Idiotic WAGs. SO STAY TUNED!!

17 June 2008

Robinho + £40 million = Cristiano Ronaldo?

cash robinho

Rumors are floating around that Real Madrid is offering Manchester United £40 million plus Brazilian striker Robinho. Isn’t that a bit much? Robinho’s has had some wonderful performances in the club’s 2 consecutive La Liga titles and has been a key player in the team’s success. ManU should snatch up this opportunity. Either that, or raise the ante. Real seem to be willing to give up ANYTHING!

Link: Cash and Robinho for Ronaldo

Royal Ascot: Day 1

royal ascot ladies

British ladies at their best! (or maybe not)

royal ascot hats

Note: Michael Owen is looking exceedingly attractive in his traditional morning dress.
michael owen at royal ascot

Link: Day at the Races

ManU Has Temper Tantrum Over Schedule

crying baby

This has Sir Alex written all over it. Apparently they have too many weekend away fixtures proceeding UEFA Champions League games midweek. They’re blaming the FA for not favoring the biggest moaning “best” team in the Premier League. Shedding a tear for those poor, unfortunate Devils… wait, nope… lost it.

Link: ManYoo Livid Over Fixture Disgrace

Footballer Holidays: Grade A Beef and Bikini Contests

Footballers are taking they’re “well-earned” holidays, or at least the English ones are. Vacation resorts around the world are being bombarded with increased paparazzi presence and outlandish requests for hotel staff.
crouch and abbey in barbadoscarly and joey in barbados
Barbados was invaded by Peter and Abbey and Joe Cole and Carly Zucker, the latter preparing for their upcoming nuptials. (So their taking a holiday, getting married, then going on their honeymoon? That seems a bit excessive.)
terrys in disney worldsteven, gratty, alex in miami
Florida has seen the likes of John and Toni Terry with their twins and both sets of parents take up in Disney World, near Orlando, while Steven and Alex Gerrard are enjoying the sights down in Miami. The Gerrards are in Miami with Steven’s mate Gratty and some other people, but this holiday was preceded by a family trip with Lily Ella and Lexie to Portugal.
elen and frank in ibiza 08elen and frank in hawaii 2004
Frank Lampard, Elen Rives, and their two girls Luna and Isla are in Ibiza fighting hungry photographers on crowded public beaches. Lampard and Rives were spotted in coordinating pink outfits (Elen’s bikini circa Hawaii in 2004 to the right. She needs to burn that atrocious sequined monstrosity.)
beckhams at disneyland
The Beckhams, seeing that David is still training and playing in the MLS, decided on a simple say to Disneyland.
keane and palmer in sardinia
Honeymooners Roy Keane and Claudine Palmer are soaking up the sun in Sardinia while the Rooneys are going to bask in the honeymooning glory of Sir Richard Branson’s private resort on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. (Necker Island? How perfect is that double entendre?)

10 June 2008

Frank Lampard: The Transfer/No Transfer Saga Continues

carvalho and lampard

Will he? Won’t he? The suspense is killing me. I must say that if he goes off to make love to join Jose at Inter, I don’t see his career status changing. He’s said it before that he wants to end his career at Chelsea, and I know the board wants to keep him around as well. This will end much like every summer when we think Frank is going to run off to another country: he’s going to stay in London and be with his family, where he SHOULD be and the padge kissing and sky pointing will continue!

Capello, stop filling his mind with such rubbish!

Link: Capello Tells Lampard to ‘Go For It'
Link: Chelsea Plot Major Transfers Without a Manager

WAG Alert: Cheryl Cole to Be Named as X Factor Judge

cheryl cole headshot

With the departure of Sharon Osbourne, Cheryl Cole has agreed a deal to join Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Danni Minogue in selecting hot, new British talent on the TV show X Factor. After such great success with her band, Girls Aloud, which was also selected on a realty television series, Cole has been tipped to do the series from the opposite perspective, that of a judge.

Hope this gives her some much needed time away from Ashley.

Link: Cheryl Cole Agrees Deal to Be X Factor Judge

Wedding Bells: Coleen and Wayne Pre-Nuptial PDA

coleen and wayne in portofino

With the nuptials just two days away, Wayne Rooney and Coleen Mcloughlin are in the Italian Riviera finalizing their plans. The two were seen canoodling yesterday at a café in Portofino. But it seemed like Coleen was all business, chatting on her mobile with Wayne strictly following in tow carrying her purchases. The decision maker for the big day is pretty obvious, while the one footing the bill seems to be more pleased to go with the flow. (I couldn't resist a bad pun.)

coleen and wayne in portofino 2coleen and wayne in portofino 3

Today, the happy couple was at the Town Hall in Santa Margherita to complete some last minute preparations. Both the Rooney and Mcloughlin family convoys arrived today barring to the Genoa airport to be greeted by paparazzi and wedding spectators.

wayne and coleen in santa margherita

Link: That’s Amore!
Link: Coleen and Wayne Get Marriage License: Family and Friends Arrive

Footballers Are Idiots: Ashley Can’t Keep Secrets… Per Usual

cheryl cole and balloons

Ashley Cole sent Cheryl this incredibly ostentatious display of penitence affection. Unfortunately, he texted her to ask if she liked them before she had ACTUALLY received them. Way to go ruin to romanticism.

Link: Ashley Blows It

EURO 2008: Dutchtastic Afternoon

dutch victory

I spent a lovely afternoon chatting with the ladies over at This is Extra Time yesterday whilst amusing myself watching the Netherlands wallop Italy, and avoiding eye contact with coworkers and superiors.

It was a fabulous game with the Netherlands dominating the majority of the match. It was the first time in 30 years that the Dutch had defeated the Italians, while making the task look practically effortless. The Italians looked to be stricken with some internal turmoil. Not a good sign.

italian turmoil

Amongst game commentary and actual talk of football, topics such as “hand-butt,” Italian dirtiness, bottoms, thighs, calves, and knees were all discussed throughout. Needless to say, my afternoon was well spent.

wesley scores

Side Note: Congratulations to Wesley for scoring on his 24th birthday! Quite the pressie!

Link: UEFA Match Report: Netherlands 3 – 0 Italy

04 June 2008

The Disappearing Faux-Hawk

cristiano faux-hawkbeckham faux-hawkfabregas faux-hawk

Footballers over the past season have coveted the studly appearance of the bad boy faux-hawk. Players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Alan Smtih, Cesc Fabregas, and David Bentley have sported the do, some pulling it off better than others. But some players have changed their style to deviate from the now overly used faux-hawk.

david bentley faux hawkdavid bentley hair 2

David Bentley has chosen what I like to some might call a pageboy hair style. (So conservative, it has its very own political party.) If he weren’t so willing to take off his shirt, I would have thought he would prefer to don a turtleneck and study philosophy with the pompous lads at Oxford. Lose the side part kiddo.

alan smith hair 3alan smith motogp

Alan Smith has gone from faux-hawk to emo flathead. This isn’t nearly as much of a deviation in comparison to Mr. Bentley, so it’s a bit easier to handle. Smudger likes the skateboarding, motocross, MotoGP business, so it’s actually quite fitting. I can see him head banging in his flat up at the Toon to some punk rock while watching the X-Games on the telly (shirtless perhaps).

03 June 2008

England Captaincy Down to Two

ferdinand and terry v usa

The elite list of sixteen England internationals to supposedly be in contention for the right to don the captain’s armband has now been narrowed down to just two candidates. John Terry and Rio Ferdinand are in the final to be named as captain before the international friendly against the Czech Republic in August.

Some believe Rio is the front runner after being the only player who was involved in the Champions League Final so travel to Trinidad and Tobago. An FA insider has stated that he did this just so he could get a hand up on the England captaincy.

John Terry on the other hand, scored a goal in the friendly against the USA last Wednesday and has been the better behaved of the two. JT was the player to separate Rio and John Mikel Obi who got in a bit of a fracas during the Chelsea-Manchester United match at the end of the Premier League season. Besides the missed penalty kick in the UCL final, Terry has been one of the best defensive performers for both club and country.

At this very moment I’m going to tip John Terry to be reinstated as England captain. But then again, I have a VERY strong Chelsea bias.

Link: Capello Will Chose Ferdinand or Terry as England Captain

Jermain Defoe’s Date Too Embarrassed to be Seen with Him, Risks Own Dignity to Protect Identity

jermain defoe's datejermain defoe

Rather than be identified as Jermain Defoe’s newest conquest, his date at Cipriani’s restaurant last night chose rather to have herself wrapped in a tablecloth. Who knew anonymity in regards to dating Jermain Defoe was so obligatory as to disregard one’s own dignity?

Link: Oh the Shame
Link: Jermain Defoe Spotted With Proud New Girlfriend

Ibiza Just Got a Little More Scouse-tastic

wayne rooney in ibiza

Wayne Rooney, along with his male family members, mates and in-laws have landed in Ibiza for his stag party/holiday/drink-fest. Mr. Rooney has rented a luxury villa for 4 days of fun. Locals be forewarned. Expect increased paparazzi presence, annoying drunken foreigners, and horrid, unintelligible scouse accents. Wayne’s brother, Graham Rooney, made a particularly classy entrance to the island by flipping off the paps as he exited the airport with the other Rooney brother, John. Broken cameras and fist fights are predicted to ensue later this evening.

Coleen Mcloughlin is going on her THIRD stag event as well, while Wayne is away. She’s heading to the Canary Islands with only her closest gal-pals.

graham rooney in ibizagraham and john rooney in ibiza
wayne's luxury villa in ibiza

Link: Watch out, Ibiza! Here comes Wayne Rooney and Pals for his Stag Do...