30 June 2008

Transfer Talk: Frank Lampard Looking Suspicious in Italy

elen and frank in italy

Frank Lampard is in Italy on holiday, but there is much speculation that he is there instead to sign a deal with Inter Milan. SkySports in Italy stalked him down in an alley and asked him a few questions. He shot them a smile in his dodgy Capri pants and oversized sunglasses and laughed off their advances. But he was nice enough to give them this little snippet:

"Inter? Let's wait and see. For the moment I am here on holiday with my family. My future at Chelsea? I don't know anything yet. Italy is a beautiful country but I am not due to meet anyone here."

With his fiancé Elen by his side and the company of his two daughters, Luna and Isla, Lampard was focusing on being with them rather than the impending contract talks once he returns to London.

Note: Elen’s sunglasses in the picture above look like she may have stole them from my grandmother’s nightstand. Not cool.

frank lampard in italyfrank lampard in italy 2

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