10 June 2008

Wedding Bells: Coleen and Wayne Pre-Nuptial PDA

coleen and wayne in portofino

With the nuptials just two days away, Wayne Rooney and Coleen Mcloughlin are in the Italian Riviera finalizing their plans. The two were seen canoodling yesterday at a café in Portofino. But it seemed like Coleen was all business, chatting on her mobile with Wayne strictly following in tow carrying her purchases. The decision maker for the big day is pretty obvious, while the one footing the bill seems to be more pleased to go with the flow. (I couldn't resist a bad pun.)

coleen and wayne in portofino 2coleen and wayne in portofino 3

Today, the happy couple was at the Town Hall in Santa Margherita to complete some last minute preparations. Both the Rooney and Mcloughlin family convoys arrived today barring to the Genoa airport to be greeted by paparazzi and wedding spectators.

wayne and coleen in santa margherita

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Jackie said...

I cannot wait for the OK zine with all the 'official' pix. Bet Col looked fabulous.