10 June 2008

EURO 2008: Dutchtastic Afternoon

dutch victory

I spent a lovely afternoon chatting with the ladies over at This is Extra Time yesterday whilst amusing myself watching the Netherlands wallop Italy, and avoiding eye contact with coworkers and superiors.

It was a fabulous game with the Netherlands dominating the majority of the match. It was the first time in 30 years that the Dutch had defeated the Italians, while making the task look practically effortless. The Italians looked to be stricken with some internal turmoil. Not a good sign.

italian turmoil

Amongst game commentary and actual talk of football, topics such as “hand-butt,” Italian dirtiness, bottoms, thighs, calves, and knees were all discussed throughout. Needless to say, my afternoon was well spent.

wesley scores

Side Note: Congratulations to Wesley for scoring on his 24th birthday! Quite the pressie!

Link: UEFA Match Report: Netherlands 3 – 0 Italy

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Maaarfer said...

<3 for the hand-butt!