04 June 2008

The Disappearing Faux-Hawk

cristiano faux-hawkbeckham faux-hawkfabregas faux-hawk

Footballers over the past season have coveted the studly appearance of the bad boy faux-hawk. Players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Alan Smtih, Cesc Fabregas, and David Bentley have sported the do, some pulling it off better than others. But some players have changed their style to deviate from the now overly used faux-hawk.

david bentley faux hawkdavid bentley hair 2

David Bentley has chosen what I like to some might call a pageboy hair style. (So conservative, it has its very own political party.) If he weren’t so willing to take off his shirt, I would have thought he would prefer to don a turtleneck and study philosophy with the pompous lads at Oxford. Lose the side part kiddo.

alan smith hair 3alan smith motogp

Alan Smith has gone from faux-hawk to emo flathead. This isn’t nearly as much of a deviation in comparison to Mr. Bentley, so it’s a bit easier to handle. Smudger likes the skateboarding, motocross, MotoGP business, so it’s actually quite fitting. I can see him head banging in his flat up at the Toon to some punk rock while watching the X-Games on the telly (shirtless perhaps).


Misty Stiletto said...

Dear Hairdressing God's,

I feel the need to write to you and ask what the hell you are playing at? Why would you take two attractive men with their cute mo-hawks and turn them into weird over styled idiots??

Really, I know Smithey can be a bit of an arse, but did he deserve this side parting emo creation??

And poor David, so full of potential until you drowned him in hair gel!!

Can something be done about this asap, before I weep into my pillow at the misfortune you have sprinkled on these unsuspecting ballers.

Kind Regards

Wannabe Ms Fabregas said...

I wanna touch Cesc Fabregas' faux hawk. It suits him very well! I like it better than his buzz-cut or his old hairstyle, the one he had when he first started..)

Well, I am only Wannabe Ms Fabregas, so I will never have a chance touch his hair..

With love,

Wannabe Ms Fabregas