17 June 2008

Footballer Holidays: Grade A Beef and Bikini Contests

Footballers are taking they’re “well-earned” holidays, or at least the English ones are. Vacation resorts around the world are being bombarded with increased paparazzi presence and outlandish requests for hotel staff.
crouch and abbey in barbadoscarly and joey in barbados
Barbados was invaded by Peter and Abbey and Joe Cole and Carly Zucker, the latter preparing for their upcoming nuptials. (So their taking a holiday, getting married, then going on their honeymoon? That seems a bit excessive.)
terrys in disney worldsteven, gratty, alex in miami
Florida has seen the likes of John and Toni Terry with their twins and both sets of parents take up in Disney World, near Orlando, while Steven and Alex Gerrard are enjoying the sights down in Miami. The Gerrards are in Miami with Steven’s mate Gratty and some other people, but this holiday was preceded by a family trip with Lily Ella and Lexie to Portugal.
elen and frank in ibiza 08elen and frank in hawaii 2004
Frank Lampard, Elen Rives, and their two girls Luna and Isla are in Ibiza fighting hungry photographers on crowded public beaches. Lampard and Rives were spotted in coordinating pink outfits (Elen’s bikini circa Hawaii in 2004 to the right. She needs to burn that atrocious sequined monstrosity.)
beckhams at disneyland
The Beckhams, seeing that David is still training and playing in the MLS, decided on a simple say to Disneyland.
keane and palmer in sardinia
Honeymooners Roy Keane and Claudine Palmer are soaking up the sun in Sardinia while the Rooneys are going to bask in the honeymooning glory of Sir Richard Branson’s private resort on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. (Necker Island? How perfect is that double entendre?)

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Jackie said...

Okay, I'm all for the pix of the ballers on hols, but where OH WHERE is my Owen Hargreaves?!?!? I'd even be satisfied by a photo of him manly hiking through the Canadian Rockies while he visits his folks. ANYTHING!!!!

(rant over) ...sigh....