03 June 2008

WAG Alert: Alex Gerrard, Paris Hilton’s Twin?

alex in maxi dressparis hilton

The Daily Mail, after seeing Alex Gerrard in this purple maxi-dress number (above right), called her the “spitting image” of Paris Hilton, the American hotel heiress and Hollywood socialite.

“The slicked back blonde hair, silver jewellery and huge shades were eerily similar to the American heiress's trademark look.”

Let me tell you all the things that I take issue with this statement:

1. EVERYONE wears huge sunglasses.
2. Hair color should only be a comparison if it’s their NATURAL hair color.
3. Last time I checked, Alex isn’t an anorexic prat.
4. There’s no Alex Gerrard sex tape, or at least one that we know about yet.

kelly and alex

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1 comment:

Misty Stiletto said...

Why isn't there a Gerrard sex tape???? I mean I have no interest in seeing her doing the deed, but Stevie on the other hand. Oooh can you imagine that butt going at it???? So hot!