29 July 2010

SWP and Wayne Bridge in NYC

Whilst on a pre-season tour with Manchester City, the two former Chelsea players, did a bit of shopping a walking tour of the city. Bridgey was majorly pimping in that fedora.

picture via Kickette

Joe Cole Loves Liam Gallagher's Tees

A professed Oasis fan, Cole has chosen to wear Pretty Green tees on a daily basis since arriving in Liverpool. The company was created by Liam Gallagher and is described on it's website as such:

"Pretty Green is an upfront, straight talking, classic British clothing range owned, founded and designed by Liam Gallagher. The Pretty Green team is made up of key industry professionals. The range is all subject to Liam’s final approval and includes designs across footwear, denim, knitwear, jackets, trench coats, parkas, t-shirts, hats, scarves and exclusive limited edition pieces."

Carly has made the move up north with daughter, Ruby.

This may make me a bad person, but I didn't think Ruby was a cute baby. At this point though, I think she's growing into her adorableness. See evidence below.

pictures via Kickette and dailymail

Jermain and Chantelle, On Again?

They were pictures at a petrol station last weekend heading back to Jermain's house after dining in St. Alban's. I actually liked these two together. She's good for him, I think.

pictures via dailymail

Couple Moniker: Iker and Sara

As debated over at Kickette, these two have many options when it comes to nicknames. But I've come up with one that truly encapsulates how we feel about them...

SIKER (pronounced like sicker): Not only does it combine their names, but also correctly illustrates how we feel when we see them constantly photographed together.

Yes, I'm pretty pleased with myself.

pictures via Goaly Moly

Abbey Clancy Does Spot on This Morning

pictures via dailymail

Wedding Bells: Wesley Sneijder and Yolanthe

He wore an obnoxious, shiny blue suit circa 1972 and she wore a Maria Karin gown. There was a releasing of doves and a carriage ride through Castelnuovo Berardenga, near Siena. Let's just say the cheese factor was of the charts.

Even Wesley's son, Jessey, had a matching atrocious suit. (Should be considered child abuse.)

pictures via Goaly Moly

Simply Gratuitous: Marco Borriello

pictures via Kickette

Baby Bump Watch: Olalla Torres

Also, Fernando and Nora have matching binkies. Too precious!

pictures via dailymail and Kickette on facebook

Xabi Alonso on Holiday in Mallorca

I love a man in Wayfarers. Seriously.

pictures via Kickette and Goaly Moly

Transfer Talk: Joe Cole to Liverpool

It makes me sad to see him go. Especially so far away. I would have preferred he stay in the city, but I suppose that would make me a bit perturbed as well. So basically he shouldn't have been forced to leave Chelsea. We'll miss you, mate.

Especially your short shorts...

pictures via dailymail

Toned and Tanned: Alex Gerrard

I would kill to have those legs...

picture via dailymail

Sol Campbell Weds Girlfriend, Fiona

The happy couple were glad to pose blissfully for the cameras upon exiting St Andrew’s Church in Corbridge, Northumberland. Rio Ferdinand and wife, Rebecca were in attendance. Why hello, Rio. You are looking exceedingly dapper in that beige get up of yours. Lovely, just lovely.

Former Arsenal teammate, Ashley Cole also showed up. It was reported that while entering the church, Ashley was booed. (This season is going to be interesting...)

pictures via Kickette and News of the World

The Rooneys: What Happens in Vegas...

...gets photographed.

pictures via dailymail, Goaly Moly and The Sun

USMNT at the ESPYs

First off, the boys attended the more casual Serena Williams' Pre-ESPYs party.

But for the actual ceremony, they cleaned up quite nicely. But I must point out that EVERY ONE of them has a cell phone in their pocket. At least we think they do...

And WHERE did this bird come from? Her waist is like smaller than my wrist. Eat a biscuit or something, woman!

Surprisingly, the accolade they won, is voted on by American sports fans. The boys won in the Best Moment of the Year category for their last-minute goal against Algeria.

Who chose your shoes Mr. Bocanegra? Clint Eastwood?

pictures via daylife and zimbio