29 July 2010

Couple Moniker: Iker and Sara

As debated over at Kickette, these two have many options when it comes to nicknames. But I've come up with one that truly encapsulates how we feel about them...

SIKER (pronounced like sicker): Not only does it combine their names, but also correctly illustrates how we feel when we see them constantly photographed together.

Yes, I'm pretty pleased with myself.

pictures via Goaly Moly


Alone Albuquerque ( Brasil) said...

Toda vez , que eu olho pra eles dois juntos , sinto vontade de vômitar , gostaria que alguém me dissesse , porque tenho está reação , a maquiagem ! Ela precisa rever !!è de pessimo gosto

Anonymous said...

i guess i'm already so sick of this two..much appreciated there's no more frankie-christine around..