15 December 2010

Victoria Beckham Attends British Fashion Awards

The award ceremony was held at The Savoy Hotel. Victoria was nominated for the Designer Brand Award; her competition being Mulberry, Burberry and Pringle. Mulberry ended up scoring the gong, but Victoria seemed to be pleased just to be nominated so early in her fashion career.

But just a suggestion, Mrs. Beckham. Winter coats usually have full sleeves. Just sayin'.

pictures via Celebrity-Gossip.net and dailymail

Christmas with Coleen and Kai Rooney

OK, so at this point in his life, Kai Rooney is looking really adorable. Perhaps it's just his pre-Shrek phase, or hopefully he's gotten more of his mother's good looks.

Unfortunately she wore this coat... (not so cute.)

Coleen's studded Louboutin rider boots have already been indicated as swoon-worthy (and made of unicorn tears and fairy dust).

pictures via The Sun and dailymail

Footballers Feature at Foundation Drogba Annual Charity Dinner

pictures via The Sun

Training Ground Bust-Up: Balotelli v. Boateng

As it went down, Jerome Boateng apparently had a nasty tackle on the sensitive creature that is Mario Balotelli and he wasn't having any of it. So a bit of a skirmish broke out. Men, acting just as they do in nature:

Don't worry, in the end, they hugged it out. Such a sincere face, Mario. I almost believe you.

pictures via dailymail and Dirty Tackle

06 December 2010

Becks and James Corden Pub it Up

David was in London for the whole GB World Cup bid catastrophe. (We all know how well that went.) Although I think hanging out with James Corden may not have helped his cause. I mean, his World Cup show was pretty abysmal.

Whilst David was roaming about in London, Victoria was hanging out with Barry Manilow. Class.

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Coleen Rooney is One Busy Bird

She's been doing her wifely duties, including shopping for Christmas and attending matches at Old Trafford. More interestingly, she's been hawking her new perfume, Butterflies. Kai has also had his christening in the midst of all this as well.

Oh... and more shopping.

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Abbey Clancy's Baby Bump on Telly

She's looking divine!

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15 November 2010

Wayne Rooney Training In Portland

Wayne Rooney is recuperating from his "ankle injury" in Portland, Oregon at their Nike World Headquarters. But I've been told/reminded that Wayne's brother, John, was on trial at the Portland Timbers in an attempt to get into the MLS draft system. Could a little bother bonding have anything to do with his choice of location?

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WAG-Off: Pride of Britain Awards

Hey Frank! Maybe you should focus on your recovery and not attend these pointless award ceremonies. This is why she has Adrian Chiles.

UPDATE: Let me make this clear. I did not mean to say the Pride of Britain awards is pointless, just that Frank wasn't up for an award, so it was pointless for him to be there. He should be at home resting his injuries.

pictures via Bauer Griffin/Stuart Wilson/Getty Images Europe/PacificCoastNews.com/zimbio and dailymail

In Vested: Michael Ballack at Sportpresseball

The dapper German was at the ceremony in Frankfurt to collect his award for Sportsman with Heart.

picture via Dona da Bola

Twitter Gold: Stuart Holden Posts Kevin Davies Pic

After Mr. Holden posted this on his twitter account, his captain, Davies, was not best pleased. But it was all in good fun. Like an I will avenge my honour with an embarrassing picture of you, type of fun. I can't wait.

picture via plixi