15 November 2010

WAG-Off: Pride of Britain Awards

Hey Frank! Maybe you should focus on your recovery and not attend these pointless award ceremonies. This is why she has Adrian Chiles.

UPDATE: Let me make this clear. I did not mean to say the Pride of Britain awards is pointless, just that Frank wasn't up for an award, so it was pointless for him to be there. He should be at home resting his injuries.

pictures via Bauer Griffin/Stuart Wilson/Getty Images Europe/PacificCoastNews.com/zimbio and dailymail

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Anonymous said...

Pointless Award Ceremonies? I think you will find that the Pride of Britain Awards is probably the the most important of award ceremonies. The show is honouring ordinary people who have acted bravely or extraordinarily in challenging situations. The stars are never there to receive the accolades - but to present them to real-life heroes who don't get paid £100,000 plus a week. I think Frank being there shows respect!