27 February 2009

Birthday Wishes: February 27th

James Beattie (31) Stoke City and England

Diniyar Bilyaletdinov (24) Lokomotiv Moscow and Russia

Jonjo Shelvey (17) Charlton Athletic and England (He’s from Romford, just like Lampsy!)

pictures via jamd and sky sports

26 February 2009

Becks Staying at Clooney’s Italy Digs

Apparently the Hollywood hunk and the soccer ace were introduced by Giorgio Armani at last year's Met Ball in New York City. Since moving on loan to AC Milan, Beckham has become closer to Clooney, and the former Sexiest Man Alive has lent the footballer his Lake Como estate to help him unwind. Right, the stress of it all. I don't imagine being David Beckham is that sodding difficult.

pictures via The Sun and dailymail

Link: David Beckham Borrows George Clooney's Mansion 'to unwind' From Stress of Milan Move

Frank’s OTHER Famous Cousin

According to popbitch:

"Former Placebo and Boo Radleys drummer Stephen Hewitt is a cousin of Frank Lampard."

Not so cute...

Maddox Pitt is a Liverpool Fan

Who knew, right?

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Birthday Wishes: February 26th

Emmanuel Adebayor (25) Arsenal and Togo

Ole Gunnar Solskjær (36) Manchester United Reserves coach

Abdoulaye Diagne-Faye (30) Stoke City and Senegal

Pedro Mendes (29) Rangers and Portugal

pictures via jamd and google images

Maybe it Was Magic, Maybe it’s Bromance…

JT's getting a little comfortable with Lampsy as the enjoy a little magic from David Blaine. Maybe Frank just needed a little guy love after his recent break-up.

picture via Kickette

Chantelle Gets Bollocked on National Television

It's like the woman in the computer knows exactly what I'm thinking...

Jermain, you've been warned.

video via The Spoiler

25 February 2009

Wow, That's Embarrassing: Manuel Almunia

There just are no words.

pictures via dailymail

Sylvie Van Der Vaart Attends Madrid Fashion Week

I bet she's wearing fabulous shoes.

picture via WAGs International

Ashley Cole Building Pitch at Home

The Chelsea left-back is having a five-a-side pitch built in at his £3.5million mansion. He's presuming that it's going to allow him to hone his skills, while at the same time, giving him more time to spend with his wife, Cheryl Cole. In exchange, the missus is getting an underground pool/gym complex built complete with a bar. (Why you would want a bar in your gym, I have no bloody idea. But I guess I get it by the pool and all.) Plans for Cheryl's WAG complex have yet to be approved by the neighbourhood.

Link: Ashley Cole Having His Own Pitch Built

Hump Day Celebration: C-Ron's White Shorts

picture via dailymail

Footballers Are Idiots: Superstitions and Missing Ferraris

Odd thing happened yesterday after halftime in the game between Arsenal and AS Roma. It seems that the ref started the second half with only nine Arsenal players on the pitch. (So the referee is a bit of an idiot as well. I mean, how difficult is it to count to 11.) Anywho, it appears that Kolo Toure is a superstitious fellow and has to leave the dressing room last, and he was waiting on William Gallas to finish diligently waxing his dome before the two could head towards the tunnel. By the time to two made it to the pitch, the game had already begun. When Toure attempted to enter the game without the acknowledgement of the official, he was handed a yellow card. Gallas, aware of the rule, waited for the ref to flag him on.

Toure's excuse for the embarrassing booking:

“To be honest I didn’t know I was not allowed to come on the pitch without the permission of the referee.”

How long have you been playing football exactly?


Gary O'Neil had his £150,000 Ferrari F430 Spider F1 stolen and left abandoned 15 minutes away from where it was taken at a petrol station on Ripon Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire. How it got stolen from a petrol station may you ask? Well, you see, O'Neil left the keys in the ignition while he paid. Bloody brilliant.

pictures via dailymail, The Telegraph, and google image

Coleen at Old Trafford for Blackburn Match

Does she look panicked to you? Maybe it's the fact that she's wearing a lumberjack's shirt and she doesn't want Wayne to find out about her woodsy adultery. Or perhaps it's the babysitting job she's having issues with; it may be that stay at home mom is just not in your cards love.

Notice all the children are redheads. Must be Rooneys.

pictures via Glamorous WAGs World

Birthday Wishes: February 25th

Eduardo da Silva (26) Arsenal and Croatia... hopefully this year will go better.

Ji-Sung Park (28) Manchester United and Korea Republic

Josh Wolff (32) Kansas City Wizards and USA

Chris Baird (26) Fulham and Northern Ireland

pictures via jamd and google images

Champions League Training Sessions

Looks like Bally might be suffering some tightness in the groin area. I might be able to find a way to help him out with that...

pictures via liverpool fc and jamd

24 February 2009

Jermain and Chantelle on Holiday

So, who's the bigger boob here? Jermain for taking her on holiday, or Chantelle for... well... ya know. Something to ponder.

While Jermain ponders some things of his own...

See I can get all philosophical and such. I'm a real intellect, if you didn't know...

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Tuesday Tummies: Markus Rosenberg

Thank you Sweden! (He plays at Werder Bremen too.)

pictures via Footballboners

Cruz’s Fancy Dress B-Day Party

Eva Longoria-Parker was invited.

The party was held at a martial arts studio. I see lots of fighting on mats.

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Cesc Prefers Own Reflection from Floor

Those shoes are inexcusable. But I do have to give him credit for cutting his hair.

Carla, you have some work to do with him. Get on it.

pictures via Kickette

Footballer Burgled, Not in Liverpool

Darren Fletcher has been the most recent victim of burglary. Three masked individuals entered the footballers home and threatened his girlfriend, Hayley Grice, at knife point while Fletcher was in Milan preparing for Manchester United's Champions League match against Internazionale. The couple have twin boys, but it is not known whether the children were in the house at the time of the burglary. The assailants got away with a just a few pieces of jewelery.

A suggestion to all burglars: go for the shoe collection next time. That's where the real money is... then call me for the pick up.

pictures via dailymail

Link: Darren Fletcher's Home Burgled