16 February 2009

We’ve Split… Facebook Says So

Ok, seriously? I'm so sick of people reporting that people have split via Facebook or any other networking site for that matter. The newest victims of this type of news are Michael Chopra, of Sunderland, and his wife, Heather Swan. Swan apparently dumped him on Facebook, then in rebuttal, Chopra cut off her cell phone which he was paying for. My assumption is that they broke up in a more personal manner and then Swan posted the split on Facebook. But that wasn't the FIRST place Chopra discovered of his plight.

Everyone knows that Facebook, at the end of the day, is the ULTIMATE authority in news. I mean, they should start to get included in the wires. (Sense the sarcasm, people.) Also, were these even legit accounts to begin with? Newspapers, if you're seeking respect and legitimacy, stop posting stories taken from social networking sites. It's not news, it's rubbish and not believable.

picture via dailymail

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Anonymous said...

Michael Chopra is kinda, really good looking