13 February 2009

“Hand-Butt” Looks Lovely, With or Without a Shirt

Dubbed as such since the days of EURO 2008, Fabio “Hand-butt” Cannavaro, has returned from injury and is finding some success on and off the pitch.

He appeared in the Brazil match this week. Also celebrating the best football past time of exchanging kits after the match. (Thank you very much.)

He was also out and about at Milan Fashion Week with the wifey. She perturbs me. Not pretty, too tall, and a little tubbo, no? (Yes, I know, I’m totally going to hell.) But shouldn’t Fabio be with some drop dead gorgeous Italian supermodel? Her presence has to be against some sort of natural law or something.

He's seriously gorgeous though. I think it's the dimples.

pictures via facebook and jamd



That is his wife? Seriously? Why is it that all the seriously perfect men are with absurdly unattractive women (i.e., Frank with evil Elen)?

Anonymous said...

his wife??? I thought it was his mother!!!