11 February 2009

Footballers of England, Prepare Your Girlfriends...

Danielle Lloyd is writing an X-rated tell-all book. And by tell-all they mean, behind the scenes WAGary. (She's apparently not kissing and telling, so I guess those of you footballers with current girlfriends can breathe a sigh of relief.) A serial WAG who has continual issues with keeping her clothes on in front of cameras, Lloyd has dated Marcus Bent, Armand Traoré, Jermain Defoe, Gerard Piqué, Ryan Babel and Teddy Sheringham. And those are just the ones that we've seen in public.

The book is still being bid on by publishers, and there's word that it's reached up to six figures. It's set to be released sometime in October.

pictures via dailymail and google images

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Misty Stiletto said...

Gerard Pique?? How did she get him? And I was just starting to appreciate his pretty face, now that's ruined.