04 February 2009

Mate Date: Jenas Brings Keane to Training

So Jermaine Jenas drove Robbie Keane to his old stomping grounds in Chigwell, Essex this morning. Wonder if there's an explanation for this? Did Jenas think Keane might get lost on his way there? Or perhaps Keane needed Jenas' moral support for his return to Tottenham's training ground? Did they do lunch afterward? Was there skipping and hand-holding? So many questions!

Jenas even got some video time when journos stopped his car outside the training ground to talk to Robbie. He was nice enough to sit their quietly and ignore the fact that they were interrupting his mate date.

picture via kickette


Misty Stiletto said...

Capt Keane back where he belongs. So long, Robbie.

Anonymous said...

Is Jenas gay??

Misty Stiletto said...

Well he has a baby.......think it's only Arsenal fans that believe it, you know like every other footballer that doesn't play for their team is gay too.