09 February 2009

Scolari Sacked, But I Have a Theory...

I realize this is late news, but Scolari’s been sacked. There are stages I’ve been going through throughout the day. It began with shock then moved to anger, then sadness. Now I seem to be coming to grips with the whole thing. And I’ve realized something that may be able to help Chelsea in selecting a new manager.
If you look at all the managers of the #1 placed clubs in Europe, they are all bloody attractive (some more than others).

Jesualdo Ferreira (FC Porto) – He’s got the machismo thing going for him.

Ralf Rangnick (Hoffenheim) – The glasses make him smart cute.

Claude Puel (Lyon) – Doesn’t just wear trackies in the technical area kind of formally cute.

Jose Mourinho (Internazionale) – Past loves just don’t fade. He’s good looking, we all know it.

Josep Guardiola (FC Barcelona) – Duh…

So Chelsea needs to find an attractive manager. I think it's a pretty good theory. Any thoughts?

pictures via google images and jamd


Anonymous said...

U Rock!!


All I can think of is:
Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho


Lissette said...

Totally agree Blair, Bring the Hot manager Roman.

Anonymous said...

if that theory is in fact true.. they definitely shouldn't bring Avram Grant back :P

Anonymous said...

Uh Fergie

Misty Stiletto said...

Liverpool, Man United and Real Madrid are all successful in Europe and I wouldn't do any of their managers.

I vote Mourinho for Chelsea.