17 February 2009

Hair in the Stands: Cesc Fabregas and Alan Smith

Cesc got the buzz cut. His hotness stock just rose drastically. Hello, hello.

Oh mother of god. What is he thinking? There's far to much hair on that head, between the facial hair and that greaser hairdo. Ick. I'm beginning to think that he might believe that if he starts to look like Joe Kinnear, perhaps he'll put him in the squad. Hmmmmm?

pictures via kickette and jamd


Misty Stiletto said...

Still kissable lips though.

Anonymous said...

It looked alright when he was about 18 and had that hairstyle but he didn't have the facial hair then. Now it just looks like he's trying to look like the moody hard man. Nahh not my thing Mr Smith....SO glad to see he'd cut it the other night back to the hoxton-fin style look.
Daft hairstyles aside, he's a top bloke, have been lucky enough to meet him several times, absolutely nothing like the Press would have you believe...a genuine sports lover with time for anyone and everyone, really nice guy. I just wish he was still at Leeds. We could do with a tough character like him right now. Come on LUFC lets do it!!