23 February 2009

TMI Files: Jose Praises Lampsy in Shower

"I have never had a manager who, while I’m standing in the shower cleaning my balls, tells me I’m the best player in the world. He did that. I’ll never forget it. So casual. 'You’re the best player in the world, but you need to win titles.' From that moment the extra confidence was in me. Not that I thought I was the best player in the world, but the manager who had just won the Champions League thought it. So I went out a different player."

Seriously? I don't know whether to be more disturbed about Jose giving individual players pep talks while they're in the shower, or the fact that Frank talking about cleaning his balls somehow intrigued me. I need therapy.

Link: Lampard Scrubbed Up Nicely for Chelsea After Jose Showered Him with Praise

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