04 February 2009

David Beckham's Lawyers Attempting to Extend San Siro Stay

Becks has had his lawyers sent over to the LA Galaxy in an attempt to extend his stay at AC Milan. AC Milan general manager, Adriano Galliani, is in full support of Beckham sticking around. David has been performing well, producing goals, and scoring goals as well. Galliani admitted that he wished to hold on to Becks until the end of season or possibly even secure him in a permanent deal.

I can imagine that David would love the higher classed Serie A in comparison with the MLS. It would definitely be an upgrade for his career and may even produce more England call-ups in his future. But there have also been rumors that Victoria is not best pleased with moving the kids yet again. I'm sure they'll figure it out, either way.

picture via jamd

Link: Beckham's Lawyers in Talks with LA Galaxy Over Extension

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Misty Stiletto said...

Don't you think Andriano Galliani sounds like an attractive persons name? It's false advertising really.