25 February 2009

Footballers Are Idiots: Superstitions and Missing Ferraris

Odd thing happened yesterday after halftime in the game between Arsenal and AS Roma. It seems that the ref started the second half with only nine Arsenal players on the pitch. (So the referee is a bit of an idiot as well. I mean, how difficult is it to count to 11.) Anywho, it appears that Kolo Toure is a superstitious fellow and has to leave the dressing room last, and he was waiting on William Gallas to finish diligently waxing his dome before the two could head towards the tunnel. By the time to two made it to the pitch, the game had already begun. When Toure attempted to enter the game without the acknowledgement of the official, he was handed a yellow card. Gallas, aware of the rule, waited for the ref to flag him on.

Toure's excuse for the embarrassing booking:

“To be honest I didn’t know I was not allowed to come on the pitch without the permission of the referee.”

How long have you been playing football exactly?


Gary O'Neil had his £150,000 Ferrari F430 Spider F1 stolen and left abandoned 15 minutes away from where it was taken at a petrol station on Ripon Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire. How it got stolen from a petrol station may you ask? Well, you see, O'Neil left the keys in the ignition while he paid. Bloody brilliant.

pictures via dailymail, The Telegraph, and google image

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Anonymous said...

Nah, the ref was spot on. Why on earth would he wait around for them? Everyone knows the break is 15 minutes, and Arsenal are entitled to start off with nine men if they want...