28 November 2008

More Adidas Adverts: Gerrard and Ballack

Day O' Picspam: Moving House

My sister is moving house today so I was abruptly awoken at 7:00AM and told to put on long johns and jeans to be outside all day and yelled it. Oh the joys of the holidays.

Needless to say, I won't be around my computer today till I get home, god knows when. So here is a montage I've created of David Beckham at various Lakers games with family and celebs. Enjoy!

david waves hello at lakers
Oh yes, hello David. That purple suits you.

david and wifey
With Victoria

beckham and boys
With the bubbas

beckhams and maguire
With Tobey Maguire (a.k.a. Spiderman)

mbenga and beckham
Chatting with Mbenga courtside

denzel and beckham
Talking with Denzel Washington

beckham and timberlake
Becks and JT (Justin Timberlake, not John Terry)

beckham and anthony
With mate Marc Anthony (singer and husband of Jennifer Lopez)

krasinski, bateman, beckham
Most recently with The Office (American version) star John Krasinski and Arrested Development alum Jason Bateman.

pictures via google and ONTD

27 November 2008

Not Quite Ready...

to talk about the Chesea game yet.

lampard sent off v bordeaux
I'm still dealing with some &^)%*$@# anger issues that have to be resolved before I write anything.

Baby Bojan Cries When Substituted

Such a wee lad. So young, so fragile. Wonder if he cries after the nasty too. I think I just broke some laws in my head.

video via The Spoiler

Beckhams and Cruises Do Thanksgiving

beckham thanksgiving

It was a family affair. David even took a moment, in the Thanksgiving spirit, to help a female photographer off the ground who had fallen over what I assume to be her dignity.

By the way, loving Victoria's dress from her own line. So very Audrey Hepburn!

beckham helps papvictoria and david thanksgiving

pictures via dailymail and The Sun

Carly Zucker Jungle Update 27.11.08

carly crys more in junge

She cries, she's leaving, she's not leaving, she gets into a fancy pair of leopard print bra and panties. That's basically the gist of things. Ugh, I'm bored with her already.

carly in leopard

pictures via dailymail

Atletico Play Alone

How weird must that have been?

atletico madrid empty stadium


It's supposed to be like an 80's style house party. It's friggin' sweet! Along with sporting stars like Becks and Kevin Garnett (who's a Chelsea fan), urban stylists like Missy Elliot, Estelle, Katy Perry and the legends RUN DMC are all featured in the advert. One question though. Why was I not invited?

becks and garnett

pictures and video via dailymail

26 November 2008

Danielle Lloyd Bags Sixth Baller Beau

danielle lloydryan babel

Apparently Danielle Lloyd and Ryan Babel were snuggling up at Mayfair the other night. Wonder if it's true and/or looking like something that will last more than a month. I'm thinking both are doubtful.

Nike Mercurial Rosas: To Soon To Judge?

nicklas bendtner v dynamo kiev

Perhaps I was too quick to judge. It's true that Nicklas Bendtner had a rough weekend suffering a 3-0 loss to Manchester City. But perhaps he just needed the European stage to truly display the boots magical powers. As the Arsenal game drew to a close yesterday, it seemed that the English side wasn't going to be able to find the net. But on the 87th minute, Bendtner caught a long pass from Cesc Fabregas and slotted in a goal below the falling keeper. Should I hold off and wait to pass judgment on the Rosas a few games to see if they establish long term greatness?

Nah, still hate them.

Here is Materazzi and Amauri sporting them over the weekend in Serie A. Totally ridiculous.
materazzi and amauri

pictures via kickette and dailymail

Cristiano, Bruised and Battered

ronaldo down v villareal

After taking a tough tackle, C-Ron rose from the pitch with a visibly cleated right knee. Youch.

cristiano injuries

Yeah the Villareal player responsible for the tackle totally got a red.
cristiano goes down

pictures via The Sun and dailymail

Birthday Wishes: Sad Celebration

Today would have been Antonio Puerta's 24th birthday.

antonio puerta bday

So sad.

Carly Zucker Jungle Update 26.11.08

carly in jungle bikini
I love Carly for her normalcy and down-to-earthyness, don't get me wrong. But when she starts speaking utter rubbish to her camp mates, I want to whack her over the head with an over-sized Balenciaga bag filled with over-priced, heavy designer shoes.

"Money can be a burden, that’s why I got stressed last year. I had too much too soon. I had a massive house that I couldn’t control or clean, it took all day. I could choose whatever I wanted and so I ended up indecisive. You do notice the difference."

A.) Money is never a burden, the attention you get due to the money is the burden. Don't lie to me.
B.) The house cleaning can be solved by hiring a maid. You have the money, why add the stress.
C.) Indecision can be resolved by making a list. Go in, get what's on the list, and leave. Make all the decisions before you even go into the shop/boutique so you don't get overwhelmed.
D.) Duh, there's a difference. Take advantage honey!

carly smells jungle
Being rich stinks. At least for Carly it does... freak.

pictures via dailymail

25 November 2008

Chelsea Training: Les Hommes Mignons en Jaune

chelsea job pre-2bordeaux
didier pre-2bordeaux
jt and frank pre-2bordeaux
chelsea pre-2bordeaux

pictures via jamd

Liverpool Training: Hotties n' Hats

liverpool training
stevie g training
torres training

pictures via jamd

Tuesday Tummies: Matthew Upson

matthew upson tummy

picture via kickette

Becks Joins Stars at Hatton Fight in Vegas

becks and hatton 2
stallone, statham, becks
becks and noel gallagher

pictures via The Sun

Nicolas Anelka: Le Sulk Has Le Lame Sense of Humor

nicolas anelka joker

The Chelsea striker apparently does have a sense of humor, all be it a lame one. In the new issue of FourFourTwo, he admits to telling jokes to his teammates in the dressing room, and they have been kind enough to laugh at them. I think his ego is getting too much rubbing. His example of his apparently hilarious humor was this:

A kangaroo goes into a bar and orders a Coke. The barman pours one and charges him £10. Later the barman says: “We don’t get many kangaroos in here.” The kangaroo replies: “At £10 for a Coke, I’m not surprised.”

So bad, so very bad. I guess I should probably cut him some slack though. I mean, look at my headline for this very entry. No lie, made me giggle for a good 10 minutes. I thought it was genius.

picture via jamd

Link: Funny Old Game for Anelka

Birthday Wishes: Xabi Alonso Turns 27

May many years of your good looks and ability to pull off the grandpa sweater continue.
xabi alonso bday

24 November 2008

Becks Flies Solo at Lakers Game

becks at lakers alone
becks at lakers alone 2

pictures via The Spoiler

Podolski Leaving Bayern in January

podolski at bayern

Lukas Podolski has requested to depart with his current club, Bayern Munich, once the January transfer window arrives. The 23-year-old is looking like a hot commodity and is going to be on the wanted list of many Premier League clubs, Manchester City obviously being one of them. Real Madrid has also expressed interest in the German international. His deliciousness would be welcomed in England I think.

Link: Podolski to Put in Bayern Transfer Request

Yay or Nay?: Fabregas Named Arsenal Captain

wenger and fabregas

Perhaps he has a cooler head than that of Gallas, but I am hesitant of his youthfulness. The decision also surprised me because Fabregas hasn’t been in the best form as of late. Or maybe Arsene Wenger was thinking this would be the necessary kick in the arse motivation for the Spanish international to improve his performance. The jury is still out, if you ask me.

Link: Fabregas Replaces Gallas as Arsenal Skipper

Frank Lampard Snr. Appointed Assistant at Watford

frank lampard snrbrendan rodgers
Brendan Rodgers, former Chelsea reserve coach, has taken over as the new manager at Watford and with this new position, has appointed Frank Lampard Snr. as his assistant. The two met with little Frank at Chelsea. Lampsy is quite the matchmaker. This is the first job in football that Lampard Snr. has had since leaving West Ham in 2001.

Link: The Spolier - Frank Lampard Joins Watford
Link: Watford Appoint Chelsea Reserve Team Coach Brendan Rodgers As Manager

Nicklas Bendtner Fails in Rosas

Nicklas Bendtner v man city 2

The Nike Mercurial Rosas had a less then thrilling debut in the Premier League. As predicted, Nicklas Bendtner wore them in the 3-0 walloping Manchester City gave Arsenal. Bet Bendtner immediately regretted wearing the feminine pink boots on a day where the Arsenal lads appeared more like boys than men.

Nicklas Bendtner v man cityNicklas Bendtner v man city 3Nicklas Bendtner v man city 4

pictures via jamd