25 November 2008

Nicolas Anelka: Le Sulk Has Le Lame Sense of Humor

nicolas anelka joker

The Chelsea striker apparently does have a sense of humor, all be it a lame one. In the new issue of FourFourTwo, he admits to telling jokes to his teammates in the dressing room, and they have been kind enough to laugh at them. I think his ego is getting too much rubbing. His example of his apparently hilarious humor was this:

A kangaroo goes into a bar and orders a Coke. The barman pours one and charges him £10. Later the barman says: “We don’t get many kangaroos in here.” The kangaroo replies: “At £10 for a Coke, I’m not surprised.”

So bad, so very bad. I guess I should probably cut him some slack though. I mean, look at my headline for this very entry. No lie, made me giggle for a good 10 minutes. I thought it was genius.

picture via jamd

Link: Funny Old Game for Anelka

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