03 November 2008

Election '08 a.k.a. Will Blair Keep Her Job??

rock the vote
So tomorrow is a BIG day. (And I'm not talking about the Champions League matches.) Of course, I'm taking it more personally than most. Because my employment depends entirely upon the re-election of my boss. Meaning, tomorrow I will find out if I'm getting a promotion, or losing my job all together. I don't like leaving my personal fate in the hands of a bunch of inherently uninformed Americans, I dread it in fact.

I'm also telling you this because I won't be around much tomorrow. If at all. I will be standing outside, on this freezing cold day in November, looking less fashionable and more warmly efficient than I'd like to, in order to hawk votes for my candidate. Oh and did I mention that I have to do it voluntarily. (Yes, that means I won't get paid to reduce myself to basically wearing a sandwich board. You gotta be kidding me.) Wish me luck.



What on earth do you do? I'll be flying across the country from GA to AZ to vote. It only cost me $1,000 for the plane ticket. Gotta love a free country and all.

Misty Stiletto said...

Hope you got the result you wanted, Blair.

And just wanna say that I love your blog, it really is fantastic.