15 November 2008

Dear Chelsea Players,

Well done today. Think you can play that well, oh I don't know, all the time? Just a thought. (Your inconsistency is giving me whiplash... and wicked mood swings.)
bosingwa v wba
Jose Bosingwa, you're my hero. You are one of our best buys this summer and your goal was somewhere near the cusp or miraculous. (If only I could get you to work on your unibrow.)

anelka v wba
Nicolas Anelka. Twelve goals so far this season and to think everyone was concerned with your performances at the end of last season. Redemption feels good doesn't it? Keep it up.

terry v wba
John Terry, if you have a serious injury in your right foot, I might cry. Please be okay. Pretty, pretty please!

Love you all,
Blair of MRWF

pictures via jamd, sky sports, and fox sports

1 comment:

Kay said...

WOW Blair.. your like the perez of the "football" world! I learned stuff on your blog that Perez hadn't even posted! haha i'm laughing b/c one day in the science building you showed me perez... and now i'm addicted. gah!