20 November 2008

Arsenal’s Inner-Turmoil: One Bad Apple

arsenal turmoil

Apparently there is one particular player who’s going around and insulting everyone. Captain, William Gallas has been approached by numerous players to complain about this one individual. And during the 4-4 draw with Tottenham, there was a bust-up in the locker room at halftime that had to be split up by Gallas after the individual went after a teammate. This sounds like one rotten apple. And you know what they say about bad apples. They ruin the whole pie. Or barrel of cider. Or maybe it’s poisonous and makes a Disney princess fall asleep till she can be kissed by Prince Charming. No, that’s not it either. Oh bugger.


Gallas did not reveal a name of this particular rotten apple, but did admit that he is six years his junior. Seeing that Gallas is 31, the culprit would have to be 25. Three players on the squad are currently that age.

The Culprits:
Robin van Persie
Bacary Sagna
Emmanuel Eboué

My money’s on Sagna.

UPDATE: It was Theo Walcott and Robin van Persie who got in the fracas at halftime.

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Link: Gallas Reveals Arsenal Rifts

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Yeah and now Gallas could lose his captaincy for tattling. Get it together Gunners! Then again, don't have it so together when you play Chelsea. That is all.