26 November 2008

Nike Mercurial Rosas: To Soon To Judge?

nicklas bendtner v dynamo kiev

Perhaps I was too quick to judge. It's true that Nicklas Bendtner had a rough weekend suffering a 3-0 loss to Manchester City. But perhaps he just needed the European stage to truly display the boots magical powers. As the Arsenal game drew to a close yesterday, it seemed that the English side wasn't going to be able to find the net. But on the 87th minute, Bendtner caught a long pass from Cesc Fabregas and slotted in a goal below the falling keeper. Should I hold off and wait to pass judgment on the Rosas a few games to see if they establish long term greatness?

Nah, still hate them.

Here is Materazzi and Amauri sporting them over the weekend in Serie A. Totally ridiculous.
materazzi and amauri

pictures via kickette and dailymail

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Anonymous said...

there's something about Bendtner himself that just gets under my skin, and as a result it's negatively affected my opinion of the Rosas.