24 November 2008

Yay or Nay?: Fabregas Named Arsenal Captain

wenger and fabregas

Perhaps he has a cooler head than that of Gallas, but I am hesitant of his youthfulness. The decision also surprised me because Fabregas hasn’t been in the best form as of late. Or maybe Arsene Wenger was thinking this would be the necessary kick in the arse motivation for the Spanish international to improve his performance. The jury is still out, if you ask me.

Link: Fabregas Replaces Gallas as Arsenal Skipper


K. A. said...

i think it's just a plan.Barcelona wants Cesc back.Being a captain is difficult.He is going represent Arsenal on the pitch.That's a trick of Arsene Wenger i guess.


He has much better hair (now that he fixed it) than Gallas and, let's face it, he's hot. Excellent move Mr. Wenger.