24 November 2008

Ashley Cole’s Brother in London Car Accident

matthew and ashley cole
Matthew Cole (pictured above left), 26, younger brother of Chelsea right-back Ashley Cole, was in a serious car accident Saturday morning in London. The accident was brought to the attention of Ashley after the 0-0 draw to Newcastle, at which time he rushed to his brother’s side.

cheryl on x factor
Cheryl Cole was informed of the accident after completion of filming a live episode of X-Factor. Rather than heading out with the rest of her Girls Aloud band mates to celebrate the 27th birthdays of Kimberley Walsh and Sarah Harding, Cheryl scheduled a car to take her to London as soon as possible.

The extent of Matthew’s injuries has yet to be revealed to the public. Reports have come out ranging from him being released yesterday to Ashley and Cheryl holding a bedside vigil.

I hope for the former and that everything is well for the Coles. Best wishes to you all.

pictures via dailymail

Link: Chelsea Defender Ashley Cole's Brother in Serious Car Accident

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