18 November 2008

Twilight and Football: It’s A Good Day

rpattz at LA premiere
When I found the opportunity to combine my two passions of the moment, I had to take advantage of my obvious brilliance. Robert Pattinson is the British actor starring in the upcoming film, Twilight, which is based on the book of the same name. (There are 4 books in the Twilight saga and within the past couple months they have invaded what little part of my life I have not dedicated to football.) In an interview last week on FOX-29 news in Philadelphia (my mother’s home town), Pattinson professed that the team he loves to hate is the England National Football Squad. His reasoning:

“Everyone wants them to win, but they always never get anywhere.”

Alright, good point. He’s from southeast London originally. Wonder if he’s a Chelsea fan? Here are some more pictures of the delicious looking R-Pattz at the LA premiere of Twilight last night.
rpattz at premiere 2rpattz at premiere

pictures via jamd

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