18 November 2008

Carly Zucker Jungle Update: 18.11.08

carly crying

She’s getting homesick and misses Joey. (Who wouldn’t?) Crying in the jungle, Zucker was comforted by her teammates.

carly during challenge 2carly during challenge
She lost yet another challenge which required her to be waist deep in nasty water and eventually got dirt on her face. Oh nay, nay. WAGs don’t get dirt on their faces unless it’s a mud facial, in which case it’s EXPENSIVE dirt. They don't wear such unsightly goggles either. Go home Carly. Start planning the wedding, it will make you feel better. (And for goodness sake, pick out a dress already!)

pictures via dailymail

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Jackie said...

Ah, poor Carly! I'd be bawling my eyes out missing Joe too. I give her credit for even going. I know some people have slated her for going on this show, calling her a fame whore, etc. -- but there are many OTHER things she could be doing for attention & fame. Rolling around in mug and having spiders slink across your forehead while sleeping -- UGH! I couldn't do it. She's a tougher bird that people would like to believe.

I'm actually cheering for her. You go, Carly!