17 November 2008

Cocky, Cockier, and Cockiest

3 cristiano

C-Ron is really beginning to disgust me. When asked who the top three players should be to win this year's FIFA World Footballer of the Year awards, Cristiano responded with a rather obnoxious retort.

"I am the first, second and third."

Such modesty.


Isla said...

he sucks

Cindy said...

as cocky as it is, which no one is denying i'm sure... it's the truth. homeboy ran circles around everyone else.

LoveLamps said...

Yeah he deserves the award and, if I were younger, I'd think that cockiness was hot. I'm older, wiser and in love with Frank Lampard so I can't find C-Ron's attitude remotely attractive. His hip dip, on the other hand, deserves regular viewing.

Lose That Girl said...

He does have a point. He's awesome.