18 November 2008

Mate Date: Nani and C-Ron Birthday Blowout

nani and cron bday

I know I’m not the only ones to see the dirty potential in this picture, but I’m going to take the high road, or at least one that’s higher than the low one.

1. Is the doily really necessary?
2. White wine? Seriously? Nancy boy.
3. What exactly are they blowing out? I see no candles.
4. Why is C-Ron helping to blow out the nothingness? Nani’s lung capacity ought to be good enough to blow out some non-existent candles, no?

picture via The Spoiler



All I can think about is the intro to THRILLER every time I see Nani. God I love THE SPECIAL ONE on Setanta Sports! I also just love The Special One. Ah.. . . Thriller. . ..

Misty Stiletto said...

HeeHee. Good points, Blair.