26 November 2008

Carly Zucker Jungle Update 26.11.08

carly in jungle bikini
I love Carly for her normalcy and down-to-earthyness, don't get me wrong. But when she starts speaking utter rubbish to her camp mates, I want to whack her over the head with an over-sized Balenciaga bag filled with over-priced, heavy designer shoes.

"Money can be a burden, that’s why I got stressed last year. I had too much too soon. I had a massive house that I couldn’t control or clean, it took all day. I could choose whatever I wanted and so I ended up indecisive. You do notice the difference."

A.) Money is never a burden, the attention you get due to the money is the burden. Don't lie to me.
B.) The house cleaning can be solved by hiring a maid. You have the money, why add the stress.
C.) Indecision can be resolved by making a list. Go in, get what's on the list, and leave. Make all the decisions before you even go into the shop/boutique so you don't get overwhelmed.
D.) Duh, there's a difference. Take advantage honey!

carly smells jungle
Being rich stinks. At least for Carly it does... freak.

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Ok, vote her out of the jungle now. She's lost her mind!