06 November 2008

Elen Rives = Abbey Clancey Leach

elen at cosmo 2
Elen was apparently at the Cosmopolitan Awards for Fun, Fearless Women as well. Looking much less fabulous than her younger, blonde counterpart. I suppose she doesn't look TOO awful, but the collar needs to go; it looks like her neck is nonexistent. (Neck? What neck?) I'm also perturbed at how she stands in the same position in EVERY picture. She crosses one leg over the other, looking like a unbalanced ballerina. Not surprisingly, she emerged from the after party with bags and bags of free loot. (All of which she doesn't need, nor does she really deserve. Fun and fearless, my ass.)

abi and elen at cosmoelen and abi at cosmoelen at cosmo

pictures via dailymail, gettyimages, and WAGs International

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God she's HORRIBLE! I just hate her. I shouldn't hate anyone, but I really can't help it.