05 November 2008

Footballer Hit With Firecracker

football and firecrakers
Conor Hagan, of Linfield FC, was hit by a firecracker after the County Antrim Shield final against Cliftonville at Windsor Park in Belfast. Cliftonville had won the match 2-1, so the away fans in the north section of the stadium began to celebrate by lighting fireworks after the final whistle. Hagan, a former Cliftonville player himself, was hit in the back with one of the celebratory fireworks that's trajectory had not been correctly designated.
footballer hit with firecracker
Once recovered from the initial shock of the incident, Hagan, was looked over by team medics and determined to be unharmed. He was able to walk off the pitch, all be it with some assistance from medical staff.
footballer survives firecracker

pictures via dailymail

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