06 November 2008

Carly and Joey: Adorable Couple Alert

carly and joey at bistro 2
These two are so casually attractive, it makes me sick. I realize that most of the time Carly appears to be lacking fashion motivation and should sometimes be reminded that she is in fact a public figure that the paps will follow to the grocery store wielding cameras and cell phones. But when she's relaxing in a bistro on King's Road with Joey, you can really see why the two are so casually prefect for each other. Those bulldogs are just plain precious, as well!
carly and joey at bistro 3carly and joey at bistro 4

The ear-picking in public must cease and desist immediately, though.
carly and joey at bistro

pictures via dailymail

1 comment:

Jackie said...

I adore Joe. I can put up with Carly. They're cute together. I know she gets slated continually but I still think she's alright. Love their dogs. Dog people are always good in my books. Joe is hot, plain and simple. Thanks for posting the shots. The world needs more Joe Cole!