29 September 2007

Jose Goes... Along with My Sanity

jose portrait

Frankly, I’m still recuperating. The past 11 days have made it difficult for me to function. Oh I may be being over-dramatic, but I don’t care. When I first found out about Jose Mourinho’s “eviction,” it was maybe 9 p.m. on Wednesday night here in Pennsylvania. After a long day where I found out that I was losing my job due to a corporate closing, with a 2-hour biology class, followed by a 2-hour biology lab, the news of Jose’s departure was not taken lightly by me. Needless to say, there were tears shed and much questioning of the reasoning behind the decision, as I’m sure I shared with many Chelsea fans and most definitely the players at the club as well. My feelings are hurt. And I’m offended. But I shall try to move on. There were moments last Saturday when I thought I might be unable to listen to the Manchester United game Sunday morning. I didn’t think I’d be able to watch MY team, be coached by anyone besides “The Special One,” which in the end, seemed like a more fitting nickname than most. He was special; there’s no denying that. Both on and off the field, Jose was a force to be reckoned with. He was the most successful coach at Chelsea, winning every domestic trophy out there, and he was the kind of guy to point it out… a lot, which got him a lot of slack from the press, but he was more than happy to sling it right back at them. But that’s why we loved him. He made Chelsea fans look timid, some more than others. It seemed at times, that he was the biggest fan of the club. Even at the end, there was nothing but love for the club and fans, not necessarily with EVERYONE at the club, but in a general sense. I will miss him immensely. Every time I hear the fans at Stamford Bridge sing the chant dedicated to our beloved former manager it brings tears to my eyes, literally. And I swear that if McClaren doesn’t work out for England, the FA shouldn’t hesitate to ask the man who brought English football to such a level of prestige and cachet.

16 September 2007

Posh Masters NY Fashion Week

I just need to revel for a moment in the glow of a fashion goddess. Victoria Beckham was at New York Fashion Week and dawned four designer outfits in less than 48. God I wish I (a) had the money to purchase such abfab dressware and (b) had the time to spend to stare at designer catwalks for hours on end picking and choosing what I wanted to purchase for the upcoming season. The life of a WAG is nothing short of pure fashion splendor.

From left to right: At the Oscar de la Renta show, in a fabulous Herve Leger number, in another stunning Herve Leger dress, coming home to LA in a colorful Pucci.

posh at oscar de la renta posh in herve leger (purple) posh in herve leger (red) posh in pucci

Ronaldo Has Mummy Issues

cristiano ronaldoronaldo breakdown
Cristiano Ronaldo still has a joint bank account with his mum, Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro. The momma’s boy still needs permission to make extravagant buys, such as luxury cars, but also for simple tasks like cheque writing. Seriously!? (That must have been an awkward conversation explaining that payment to McKenzie Escort Service.) Apparently she also expressed concern with him dating Gemma Atkinson (who eventually took her WAG status elsewhere, like to Ronaldo’s teammate, Alan Smith’s door. Much approved UPGRADE, I must say, Miss. Atkinson.) First the “man-purse,” and now we discover that Ronaldo needs permission from his mum to spend his money, and that he’s actually taking into account her advice on his love-life!? My advice to you, little footballing franchise in the making, divorce your mum (who does live in another country) and start a REAL relationship. (Maybe one that doesn’t involve an exchange of funds, or your bird running off to the bed of a teammate, perhaps.) Just a suggestion.
ronaldo snogging

Link: Ronaldo’s Special Bonk Account

So Much Football, So Litte Time

After a rough week/weekend, with which I’ve had a large sum of homework that I’ve had to complete or have yet to complete, and that has frankly been dawdling my attention from the things I REALLY want to do, such as this blog. I apologize for my absenteeism. (It’s almost as bad as Lampard’s absence from the field. God I miss him. And yet another explanation for my dreadful mood.) Seeing that I’m incredibly behind on my postings, I’m not even going to try and attempt to catch up, but rather move on to new things.

10 September 2007

News and Gossip

Ryan Giggs- Off the Market

clarke and giggs

Giggs and his longtime partner, Stacey Cooke, got married in a small ceremony in Manchester on Friday. Their two children, Liberty, four, and Zach, one, were joined by a few family and friends joined the happy couple in celebrating their union. It isn’t yet known if any of Gigg’s teammates from Manchester United attended. Giggs met Stacey, an interior designer, in 2002 while he was still dating his best friend’s sister, Emma Thompson. Stacey had dated Emma’s brother, Dave Thompson, who is now married to Ryan’s ex, Davinia Taylor. (Sounds like a good a storyline plucked right out of a Footballer’s Wives script.)
Firstly, may I add my disappointment at the lack of lackluster. Where are the frills, the bows, the flowers, the celebrity guest list? Maybe he took some advice from Gary Neville after his wedding extravaganza this summer. But frankly I would have liked to see some more wedding WAG fashions. Secondly, Stacey has a mountain to climb if she wants to have a WAGtastic reputation like the other Manchester United WAGs (e.g. Coleen McLoughlin, Emma Hadfield, or whatever latest fling Ronaldo is having). Maybe a shopping spree with some girlfriends of a spread in OK! with the kids.

Giggs Gets Married

Pitter-Patter of Little Feet for Cech

petr and martina cech

Petr and Martina Cech, are due to have a baby in January. Petr was overjoyed after getting the news. The family are glad to grow after almost losing Petr to a fractured skull sustained last October in the game against Reading. Martina has revealed that Petr would like a daughter, while she would prefer a son. (Maybe they’ll have John Terry’s luck and get one of each!)

Petr of Tiny Feet for Cech One Year After Horror Injury

Alex Curran to Open SWAG Childrens Boutique

alex curran

Apparently the store will be catered to other WAGs and celebrity mums. The store will be located in Liverpool’s upmarket Childwall and will open sometime next summer. (How she’ll be opening it from Austria and Switzerland, I have no idea?) Outraged shop owners have had problem with voicing their distaste for her attempt at work. They say her royalty like celebrity status will take business away from the local stores, who actually need the money, while Alex is just doing it for something to do in her spare time. Frankly, she’s a WAG and I see no reason for getting a job. What’s next? Is she going to actually start balancing her own checkbook? I think not.

WAG Alex Opens Kids Boutique

Michael Essien: Ghanaian Ambassador for AA… I mean Guinness.

michael essien guinness

Essien has agreed a deal with Guinness to promote the Irish stout in his native land of Ghana. Guinness, while suffering a slump is sales in both the UK and Ireland, has received a 17% increase in sales in Africa. Seeing that Jose Mourinho is a huge stickler for diet and nutrition with his Chelsea squad, it is expected that Essien might get some slack from the gaffah for signing such a deal. What surprises me about the deal, is the fact that Essien was rumored to get a DUI and spend a night in jail sometime last spring. Quite the role model for African youth, ay? This promotion may have not been the best of choices for the adaptable midfielder/defender.

My Guiness! Essien Signs Deal to Become the Face of Irish Stout

09 September 2007

ENGLAND beat Israel 3-0!

SWP, rio, barry, owen, gerrard v israel

Who knew England could produce such a result? Well obviously I did, but I did have my doubts. With Crouch suspended and the injuries of Rooney, Hargreaves, Lampard, Beckham, Neville, and the instability of Gerrard, I think many fans were left on the edge of their seats from the start. But they needn’t wait long before sitting back and drinking a pint or two. From the start England showed complete control of the game, both on attack, midfield conversion, and defense. Emile Heskey looked guaranteed to score with 2 shots on goal in the first seventeen minutes. But on the 20th minute, Joe Cole lofted a beautiful cross into the penalty box from the left that found Shaun Wright-Phillips on a perfect run to put the ball in the net with his far-side right foot. (In post-match coverage Ian Wright, Shaun’s stepfather, told viewers that he had told SWP to make such runs. Quite the fatherly thing to do, taking credit for the goal and all. Arsehole.) John Terry took a knock in the 27th minute after going for a header, but after receiving some brief treatment, he was back up and hollering commands. By the half-hour, England had 65% of the possession, forcing Israel to constantly be on guard. Owen missed a great opportunity before the break when his first shot hit the goalkeeper in the face, to which he only sliced the rebound over the crossbar.

After the interval, it seemed that England were gunning for a second goal to finish the game off early. And their work paid off when Michael Owen volleyed home a short pass from Gareth Barry on the 48th minute. While still holding much of the possession, England were constantly pushing Israel to pick up pace and never brought their energy down, as they’ve been known to do in the past. And in minute 65, Micah Richards finished the game off with an aerial header off a Barry inswinging corner kick. Once the win was sealed, McClaren decided to give some of his players a break. In the 71st minute he brought Phil Neville on for Gerrard, who had over-stretched and needed some treatment, and Andy Johnson came on for Heskey in a tactical substitution. Heskey received a standing ovation from the fans for his performance after being away from the international stage for so long. With 7 minutes left to play, David Bentley came on for Shaun Wright-Phillips. Bentley was welcomed to the pitch with boos and jeers from the England fans, most likely in response to his withdrawal from the U-21 squad over the summer (or possibly his atrocious new haircut? I’m unsure.)

Standout Man: The ENTIRE squad. After bringing so much stress to England fans, including myself, the squad performed with fervor and maturity.

Surprising Squad Emission: Michael Carrick. I don’t really understand that one, but maybe McClaren just wanted Bentley to be on the squad so he could put him on to be booed. Teach him a lesson in messing with England fans. (It’s not to be done, if he didn’t know.)

Video of England Goals

07 September 2007

More News and Gossip

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Calls Ashley Pathetic (9.4.07)
It appears that one of the Cole’s is more domesticated than the other. Cheryl claims that Ashley can’t even cook Super-noodles, even though the directions are displayed on the label. And until recently, he didn’t know how to iron. Cheryl blames his lack of knowledge on Ash’s mother, who apparently spoiled him rotten. (Honestly, who’s mother doesn’t?)
“He’s totally pathetic around the house. I’ve had this discussion with his mum where I blame her basically.”
But at least she realizes that it’s better that he come home and sit on his arse playing video games rather then going out and drinking or gambling. But I seem to remember a moment last year when Ash and some Chelsea lads went out for Joe Cole’s birthday to a strip club, where he spent £2,000 on dances and stayed behind long after his teammates had left. I also seem to recall a bit a fracas that occurred when Ash and Shaun Wright-Phillips went to a club with friends and one of his mates got arrested for threatening someone with a broken bottle. Or how about the numerous other times he’s been spotted at different clubs. Cheryl…can you say, denial?

Ashley’s Pathetic in the House

Denial Exhibit A:
Chelsea’s £15K Strip

Denial Exhibit B:
Ashley Cole Hits Up Clubs with Models

Frank Lampard Update (9.6.07)
As he has been healing up nicely and looks 50-50 to play a role in England’s game on Wednesday against Russia at Wembley. After training all week at Chelsea’s new Cobham training facilities, he will meet up with the team tomorrow and get examined again by the England staff to determine the possibility of him participating.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

But he won’t let a little injury cramp his style. Frank was at a charity bowling tournament at Bayswater All Star Lanes and afterward he attended a party at Raffles in Chelsea. Needless to say, Elen forcing him to move to Surrey obviously hasn’t hindered his London excursions. But thank goodness Geri Halliwell was there to take Lamps home safely. Elen must have been so pleased.

Lampard Says He will be Fit to Face Russia

Geri Halliwell Gives Naughty Lampard a Ride in her Car

24 Hours of Sunlight at Stamford Bridge (9.4.07)


According to Chelsea FC’s official website, Chelsea’s stadium has installed a new lighting system that allows the pitch to receive 24 hours of sunlight. There are 4 larger units that cover the majority of the pitch and two baby units that fit into the goalmouths, totaling 76 light bulbs at 750 watts. Sensors on the units detect incoming natural light and can adjust its coverage accordingly. Arsenal, West Ham, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Sunderland all have the system that was first used by the Dutch team PSV Eindhoven. The lights will mostly be used during the winter months when natural light is more difficult to come by. Introducing the system will possibly reduce the number of time the pitch will have to be relayed in a season (twice last year) and hopefully give the Bridge an edge in acquiring the pitch of the season award (most recently bestowed to Tottenham’s pitch at White Hart Lane).

News and Gossip

Ronaldo and the Hookers (9.1.07)
I will openly admit that I am not a Christiano Ronaldo fan. He’s a spectacular player to watch (and nice on the eyes sometimes), but I think he’s lacking in the common sense and more bluntly, IQ points (not that many footballers actually excel in this department). All bias aside, he gets a red card for the most pathetic head butt of ALL time, and then during his three match ban he decides that it would be a good idea to invite a few hookers over to his place to celebrate United’s first victory in the Premier League. Joined by Anderson and Nani, Man U’s two new signings, and a few friends, Ronaldo hired 5 girls from McKenzie’s Escort Service to travel the 60 miles in a taxi from Leeds to his Manchester suburb mansion to have a bit of poolside fun. Although there are many beefs to be taken up for his machismo behavior, Christiano was ignorant enough to let the hookers bring in their cell phones, with which they took pictures and video of their romping evening in Ronaldo’s playboy mansion. There was skinny-dipping into the wee hours of the morning, until the girls finally left around 5 a.m. after being told to hush up because Ronaldo had gone to bed. I understand that he’s finally enjoying the single life, but he shouldn’t have been such a prat. Go out and socialize you lazy arse!

Ronaldo Orgy with 5 Hookers
Ronaldo's Hookers Speak Out

Melanie Slade to Climb Kilimanjaro (9.2.07)
Kickette has expressed trepidation with Miss. Slade climbing the 19,000 ft. “hill” located in Tanzanzia, Africa. And I totally agree with their proclamations of concern. I mean, what WAG finds it intriguing to go backpacking and wear climbing boots instead of shopping in her favorite new pair of Jimmy Choos? The conflict of the non-conformist WAG breaking the trend with that of one who acts in the stereotypical behavior, is one in which Kickette sides with the latter. The life of a WAG is too precious and volatile (as you shall read soon), that to take advantage of the monetary advantages is too tough to give up. Even though Melanie is climbing for good causes, i.e. the charities Global Angel and Sail 4 Cancer, her un-WAG like behavior makes it look like she’s trying to hard not to be one rather than accepting the fact that she is what she is. I mean, what’s next, UN Ambassador?

Thierry Henry's Divorce (9.3.07)
Henry’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Claire, 27, has been granted a decree nisi for Thierry’s “unreasonable behavior.” The proceedings took place before a District Judge at Principal Registry of High Court’s Family Division in London. A decree absolute and a finalization of divorce are expected in 6 weeks. It is said that Claire is supposed to receive an estimated £25 million. But I’m sure her famous lawyer, Fiona Shackleton of Payne Hicks Beach firm, will cost her quite a penny as well. Claire is currently staying with their 2-year-old daughter, Tea, in the home the couple bought for £5.95 million located in Hampstead, North London, while Thierry resides in Spain continuing his play for Barcelona FC. It is rumored that Mr. Henry has been shacking up with the Spanish actress Paz Vega, 31 since arriving in Spain, but possibly since before he broke things off with Claire (hence the “unreasonable behavior”). Poor thing, one minute she’s on top of the world, and the next her WAGtasticness in disarray. Such a pity. (Melanie Slade, take notice!)

Football's Biggest Divorce Pay-Out?

04 September 2007

English Premier League Weekend in Review

I have delayed the writing of this particular entry because I am still grieving a bit over Chelsea’s surprise lost to Aston Villa on Saturday. But in my sad attempt to escape denial and accept the inevitable, I shall report the results of the weekend. I will do so chronologically as to further delay my recognition of reality.

Bolton 1 – 2 Everton: Yakubu Aiyegbeni made a spectacular debut for the Toffees with a goal off an Andy Johnson assist in the 11th minute. Bolton came even with a beautiful volley from Nicolas Anelka on 55 minutes, but with 75 seconds shy of full time, Joleon Lescott headed home a Thomas Gravesen corner. Man of the match for Bolton was obviously goal scorer Anelka, while Everton selected the Lescott for his last minute heroics.

Fulham 3 – 3 Tottenham: The Cottagers came back from a 1-2 deficit at halftime to take a point against the Hotspurs. Younes Kaboul scored first from a rebounded Antti Niemi block off a Gareth Bale corner in the 10th minute. By the 26th minute Tottenham skipper Robbie Keane fed the ball nicely to Dimitar Berbatov, who easily sailed the ball home. But Fulham would not lie down, and Clint Dempsey scored a header off a Simon Davies’ corner 3 minutes shy of the interval. Before the hour, Keane assisted Bale for a soft goal on Niemi, but Alexei Smertin's deflected effort off Ricardo Rocha put Fulham just one goal down. Kamara completed the comeback with a goal in the 87th minute off a long throw in to the box by Chris Baird. Clint Dempsey was the man of the match for Fulham while Dimitar Berbatov took the honor for Tottenham.

Liverpool 6 – 0 Derby: I don’t feel like going into deep detail for this game because it’s just too embarrassing and I just don’t want to take the time. Goal scorers for the Reds include: Alonso free kick ‘27, Babel with world class finish ‘45, Torres assisted by Mascherano ‘56, Alonso ‘69, Vorronin from close range after goalkeeper Bywater rebounded a shot from Kuyt ’76, Torres after a capitalizing on a defensive error ‘78. Man of the match for the Reds was obviously Xabi Alonso with a double in both goals and assists, while the Rams don’t deserve one, frankly.

Middlesbrough 2 – 0 Birmingham City: Boro started the scoring first with a David Wheater header off Andrew Taylor's cross in the 12th minute. The second goal came in minute 36, when George Boateng knocked down a ball from a Maik Taylor cross that was picked up by Stewart Downing for an easy short range goal. David Wheater had a superb performance for Boro, while the Blues goalkeeper can only be commended for keeping the score at such a respectable low.

Newcastle 1 – 0 Wigan: Michael Owen has returned to the league with a commendable last minute header to score from an Obefemi Martins’ cross to secure three points for the Magpies with 3 minutes to spare. The goal represented the first at home since the tenth of February. Newcastle dominates most the game with close calls from Mark Viduka, Nicky Butt and Alan Smith. Kevin Kilbane was sent off shortly after returning from the break for his second bookable offense of the game. Man of the match for the Magpies was easily selected for Owen for his many shots on target, while the Latics honored goalkeeper Chris Kirkland for keeping Newcastle at bay.

Reading 0 – 3 West Ham: New signing Craig Bellamy scored the first for the Hammers after a pass from Lee Bowyer and merely dribbling past the entire Royals defense to put the ball easily behind Marcus Hahnemann. Moments after the interval Matthew Etherington scored his first, while making it a double seconds shy of full time. Nicky Shorey practically covered every blade of grass for the Royals, while man of the match was easily decided for the Hammers with Etherington.

Manchester United 1 – 0 Sunderland: His return to Old Trafford may not have gone exactly to play, but Roy Keane’s Black Cats showed a stubbornness in holding the Red Devils to a goalless draw until the 72nd minute when French striker Louis Saha but the ball in the net. Craig Gordon was the man of the match for Sunderland, while Saha was the obvious selection for United.

Arsenal 3 – 1 Portsmouth: Emmanuel Adebayor gave the Gunners an early lead after a penalty kick in the 7th minute, after David James flipped striker Robin Van Persie. Cesc Fabregas put a ball in goal after a corner kick from Tomas Rosicky was put into a havocked penalty box in the 35th minute. Phillipe Senderos was sent off for clipping the back of Kanu’s heels in the 48th minute. Rosicky blasted a shot between James and Glen Johnson on minute 59 after collecting a free kick from Fabregas. Portsmouth finally scored on 60 minutes with Nwankwo Kanu back heeling a shot in which would only go into goal after ricocheting off his own legs past Manuel Almunia. John Utaka seemed to light the fire under Pompey in moments, but Fabregas was the key for the Gunner’s victory.

Blackburn 1 – 0 Manchester City: Benni McCarthy scored the only goal of the game in after only 13 minutes. Much of the action from the game came from Mike Dean who dished out 6 yellows and 2 reds. Kerimoglu Tugay received a red for his second yellow after tugging on Dietmar Hamann on 53 minutes. Richard Dunne was dismissed shortly after ('64). Ryan Nelson was a stronghold at the back for the Rovers and Micah Richards was constantly working hard for City.

Aston Villa 2 – 0 Chelsea: (God I really don’t want to write this.) After an incredibly dull first half, Zat Knight scored on his debut for Villa with a header from a Gareth Barry corner kick. After sending John Terry to the front line, Jose Mourinho weakened Chelsea’s defense, leaving it susceptible to a raid from opposition. Inevitably, Gabriel Agbonlahor sealed the three points for Villa with a goal on 88 minutes after collecting an Ashley Young cross from the left. With another confident performance under his belt Shaun Wright-Phillips is looking more and more like a contender for the national side, while Ashley Young exhibited competence far beyond his years.

Videos can be found at 101 Great Goals (link to right)

Saturday Round-Up from SkySports:

Weekend Review and Team of the Week from SkySports: http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11096_2705366,00.html

Best of the Weekend from SkySports: http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11096_2705366,00.html

02 September 2007


I can’t believe I’m finally admitting my love for football. If you would have told me a couple of years ago that at this point in my life I would be skipping out on work early and missing classes in order to listen (yes listen, not watch or go to, but just listen) to football games, I would have thought you were totally mad. But now I find myself sitting in front of my computer at least 5 hours a day (sometimes more depending on the day of the week, if it’s game day or not, and whom Chelsea is playing), seeking to find the most current news, gossip, scores, and information regarding a sport that my country barely recognizes as a professional sport. Oh yes, I’m American and I call soccer, football. I am a soccer snob. American football is NOT REAL football. And I am very adamant about this principle. I never hesitate to bring it up to American football players, coaches, and even small children who don’t know any better. There are few who understand my obsession with football, but it’s always there, always on my mind, and most of the time on the tip of my tongue. Needless to say, I don’t expect anyone to fathom the lengths at which I go to in which to gain as many articles, statistics and pictures on the subject of football and it’s players, but rather I seek to inform the world, that there is more to football than putting a ball in a net. It is a religion, a way of life, and frankly a love to which I have fallen deeply.