07 September 2007

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Ronaldo and the Hookers (9.1.07)
I will openly admit that I am not a Christiano Ronaldo fan. He’s a spectacular player to watch (and nice on the eyes sometimes), but I think he’s lacking in the common sense and more bluntly, IQ points (not that many footballers actually excel in this department). All bias aside, he gets a red card for the most pathetic head butt of ALL time, and then during his three match ban he decides that it would be a good idea to invite a few hookers over to his place to celebrate United’s first victory in the Premier League. Joined by Anderson and Nani, Man U’s two new signings, and a few friends, Ronaldo hired 5 girls from McKenzie’s Escort Service to travel the 60 miles in a taxi from Leeds to his Manchester suburb mansion to have a bit of poolside fun. Although there are many beefs to be taken up for his machismo behavior, Christiano was ignorant enough to let the hookers bring in their cell phones, with which they took pictures and video of their romping evening in Ronaldo’s playboy mansion. There was skinny-dipping into the wee hours of the morning, until the girls finally left around 5 a.m. after being told to hush up because Ronaldo had gone to bed. I understand that he’s finally enjoying the single life, but he shouldn’t have been such a prat. Go out and socialize you lazy arse!

Ronaldo Orgy with 5 Hookers
Ronaldo's Hookers Speak Out

Melanie Slade to Climb Kilimanjaro (9.2.07)
Kickette has expressed trepidation with Miss. Slade climbing the 19,000 ft. “hill” located in Tanzanzia, Africa. And I totally agree with their proclamations of concern. I mean, what WAG finds it intriguing to go backpacking and wear climbing boots instead of shopping in her favorite new pair of Jimmy Choos? The conflict of the non-conformist WAG breaking the trend with that of one who acts in the stereotypical behavior, is one in which Kickette sides with the latter. The life of a WAG is too precious and volatile (as you shall read soon), that to take advantage of the monetary advantages is too tough to give up. Even though Melanie is climbing for good causes, i.e. the charities Global Angel and Sail 4 Cancer, her un-WAG like behavior makes it look like she’s trying to hard not to be one rather than accepting the fact that she is what she is. I mean, what’s next, UN Ambassador?

Thierry Henry's Divorce (9.3.07)
Henry’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Claire, 27, has been granted a decree nisi for Thierry’s “unreasonable behavior.” The proceedings took place before a District Judge at Principal Registry of High Court’s Family Division in London. A decree absolute and a finalization of divorce are expected in 6 weeks. It is said that Claire is supposed to receive an estimated £25 million. But I’m sure her famous lawyer, Fiona Shackleton of Payne Hicks Beach firm, will cost her quite a penny as well. Claire is currently staying with their 2-year-old daughter, Tea, in the home the couple bought for £5.95 million located in Hampstead, North London, while Thierry resides in Spain continuing his play for Barcelona FC. It is rumored that Mr. Henry has been shacking up with the Spanish actress Paz Vega, 31 since arriving in Spain, but possibly since before he broke things off with Claire (hence the “unreasonable behavior”). Poor thing, one minute she’s on top of the world, and the next her WAGtasticness in disarray. Such a pity. (Melanie Slade, take notice!)

Football's Biggest Divorce Pay-Out?

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