07 September 2007

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Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Calls Ashley Pathetic (9.4.07)
It appears that one of the Cole’s is more domesticated than the other. Cheryl claims that Ashley can’t even cook Super-noodles, even though the directions are displayed on the label. And until recently, he didn’t know how to iron. Cheryl blames his lack of knowledge on Ash’s mother, who apparently spoiled him rotten. (Honestly, who’s mother doesn’t?)
“He’s totally pathetic around the house. I’ve had this discussion with his mum where I blame her basically.”
But at least she realizes that it’s better that he come home and sit on his arse playing video games rather then going out and drinking or gambling. But I seem to remember a moment last year when Ash and some Chelsea lads went out for Joe Cole’s birthday to a strip club, where he spent £2,000 on dances and stayed behind long after his teammates had left. I also seem to recall a bit a fracas that occurred when Ash and Shaun Wright-Phillips went to a club with friends and one of his mates got arrested for threatening someone with a broken bottle. Or how about the numerous other times he’s been spotted at different clubs. Cheryl…can you say, denial?

Ashley’s Pathetic in the House

Denial Exhibit A:
Chelsea’s £15K Strip

Denial Exhibit B:
Ashley Cole Hits Up Clubs with Models

Frank Lampard Update (9.6.07)
As he has been healing up nicely and looks 50-50 to play a role in England’s game on Wednesday against Russia at Wembley. After training all week at Chelsea’s new Cobham training facilities, he will meet up with the team tomorrow and get examined again by the England staff to determine the possibility of him participating.

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But he won’t let a little injury cramp his style. Frank was at a charity bowling tournament at Bayswater All Star Lanes and afterward he attended a party at Raffles in Chelsea. Needless to say, Elen forcing him to move to Surrey obviously hasn’t hindered his London excursions. But thank goodness Geri Halliwell was there to take Lamps home safely. Elen must have been so pleased.

Lampard Says He will be Fit to Face Russia

Geri Halliwell Gives Naughty Lampard a Ride in her Car

24 Hours of Sunlight at Stamford Bridge (9.4.07)


According to Chelsea FC’s official website, Chelsea’s stadium has installed a new lighting system that allows the pitch to receive 24 hours of sunlight. There are 4 larger units that cover the majority of the pitch and two baby units that fit into the goalmouths, totaling 76 light bulbs at 750 watts. Sensors on the units detect incoming natural light and can adjust its coverage accordingly. Arsenal, West Ham, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Sunderland all have the system that was first used by the Dutch team PSV Eindhoven. The lights will mostly be used during the winter months when natural light is more difficult to come by. Introducing the system will possibly reduce the number of time the pitch will have to be relayed in a season (twice last year) and hopefully give the Bridge an edge in acquiring the pitch of the season award (most recently bestowed to Tottenham’s pitch at White Hart Lane).

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