16 September 2007

Posh Masters NY Fashion Week

I just need to revel for a moment in the glow of a fashion goddess. Victoria Beckham was at New York Fashion Week and dawned four designer outfits in less than 48. God I wish I (a) had the money to purchase such abfab dressware and (b) had the time to spend to stare at designer catwalks for hours on end picking and choosing what I wanted to purchase for the upcoming season. The life of a WAG is nothing short of pure fashion splendor.

From left to right: At the Oscar de la Renta show, in a fabulous Herve Leger number, in another stunning Herve Leger dress, coming home to LA in a colorful Pucci.

posh at oscar de la renta posh in herve leger (purple) posh in herve leger (red) posh in pucci

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