10 September 2007

News and Gossip

Ryan Giggs- Off the Market

clarke and giggs

Giggs and his longtime partner, Stacey Cooke, got married in a small ceremony in Manchester on Friday. Their two children, Liberty, four, and Zach, one, were joined by a few family and friends joined the happy couple in celebrating their union. It isn’t yet known if any of Gigg’s teammates from Manchester United attended. Giggs met Stacey, an interior designer, in 2002 while he was still dating his best friend’s sister, Emma Thompson. Stacey had dated Emma’s brother, Dave Thompson, who is now married to Ryan’s ex, Davinia Taylor. (Sounds like a good a storyline plucked right out of a Footballer’s Wives script.)
Firstly, may I add my disappointment at the lack of lackluster. Where are the frills, the bows, the flowers, the celebrity guest list? Maybe he took some advice from Gary Neville after his wedding extravaganza this summer. But frankly I would have liked to see some more wedding WAG fashions. Secondly, Stacey has a mountain to climb if she wants to have a WAGtastic reputation like the other Manchester United WAGs (e.g. Coleen McLoughlin, Emma Hadfield, or whatever latest fling Ronaldo is having). Maybe a shopping spree with some girlfriends of a spread in OK! with the kids.

Giggs Gets Married

Pitter-Patter of Little Feet for Cech

petr and martina cech

Petr and Martina Cech, are due to have a baby in January. Petr was overjoyed after getting the news. The family are glad to grow after almost losing Petr to a fractured skull sustained last October in the game against Reading. Martina has revealed that Petr would like a daughter, while she would prefer a son. (Maybe they’ll have John Terry’s luck and get one of each!)

Petr of Tiny Feet for Cech One Year After Horror Injury

Alex Curran to Open SWAG Childrens Boutique

alex curran

Apparently the store will be catered to other WAGs and celebrity mums. The store will be located in Liverpool’s upmarket Childwall and will open sometime next summer. (How she’ll be opening it from Austria and Switzerland, I have no idea?) Outraged shop owners have had problem with voicing their distaste for her attempt at work. They say her royalty like celebrity status will take business away from the local stores, who actually need the money, while Alex is just doing it for something to do in her spare time. Frankly, she’s a WAG and I see no reason for getting a job. What’s next? Is she going to actually start balancing her own checkbook? I think not.

WAG Alex Opens Kids Boutique

Michael Essien: Ghanaian Ambassador for AA… I mean Guinness.

michael essien guinness

Essien has agreed a deal with Guinness to promote the Irish stout in his native land of Ghana. Guinness, while suffering a slump is sales in both the UK and Ireland, has received a 17% increase in sales in Africa. Seeing that Jose Mourinho is a huge stickler for diet and nutrition with his Chelsea squad, it is expected that Essien might get some slack from the gaffah for signing such a deal. What surprises me about the deal, is the fact that Essien was rumored to get a DUI and spend a night in jail sometime last spring. Quite the role model for African youth, ay? This promotion may have not been the best of choices for the adaptable midfielder/defender.

My Guiness! Essien Signs Deal to Become the Face of Irish Stout

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