27 June 2010

Cheryl Cole at X-Factor London Auditions

Cheryl looked adorable in this orange pleated georgette dress from the Versus Fall 2010 collection.

The X-Factor team arrived by helicopter on the next day of auditions.

That is some serious neckware, Cheryl.

These Louboutins are just plain fabulous.

pictures via Celebrity-Gossip.net and Girls Aloud Media

26 June 2010

The Failings of Elen Rives

What is going on with her hair? Did she dye it herself? And that jacket. Seriously.

And then this happened. This dress appears to made with the cheapest polyester in the land. Somehow she's managed to not do a single thing right, here. Just ghastly.

Also, no one wants to see your nipples. (Well maybe some people, but definitely not us.)

pictures via zimbio and contactmusic.com

British Royalty in South Africa

Oh, and Prince William and Prince Harry were there too.

pictures via dailymail and google images

24 June 2010

Danielle Lloyd Looks About to Burst

But that isn't going to stop her from shopping till she drops. Literally.

So much to do. So little time.

Lipsy? I don't think I want to know what she's buying...

pictures via dailymail and Celebrity-Gossip.net

Sara Carbonero's Presence at Spain Matches Causing Dramz

Everyone needs to just shut up and let this chick do her job. Did Casillas make a massive mistake? No. The trouble is at the other end. So lets stop blaming poor Pastasauce Sara.

But that won't stop us from judging her ridiculously dreadful fashion sense.

pictures via daylife

Michael Owen and The Redknapps at Royal Ascot

Let this be a lesson to all the fellas out there: You can never go wrong with a top hat.

pictures via zimbio

Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough Enjoy a Tanzanian Holiday

Between the X-Factor auditions in Birmingham and London, Cheryl found the time to take a brief holiday to Tanzania with dancer "friend," Derek Hough.

Upon her return, she looked slightly tanner, which confirms she did indeed leave her hotel room/beach bungalow at some point. (If you know what I mean...)

Still visible was her "Mrs. C" tattoo. This is totally one of those lessons to learn from.

pictures via dailymail, Girls Aloud Media, and The Sun

Non-World Cup Selectees on Holiday

Francesco Totti enjoyed the sights and sounds of the beach in his disturbingly tiny swimwear.

Guti was in Ibiza with Paula, his lady friend. They did the stereotypical holiday things: shopping and beach occupying.

Sebastian Giovinco was in Miami. I find his aviators, board shorts, and voluptuous booty very appealing, while ruling his calf tattoo off-putting.

Federico Macheda also chose disturbingly tiny swimwear.

pictures via Kickette and Dona da Bola and The Sun

God Bless America: My Version of Patriotism

This is the side of America that I can support fondly and vehemently.

pictures via Kickette

John Obi Mikel at Whisky Mist

After the Chelsea midfielder was sent home from the World Cup with an injury, he decided best to go get pissed. Mission accomplished.

pictures via Dona da Bola

Victoria Beckham and Tana Ramsay Take Kids Climbing

The two wives took their little ones to Westway Sports Centre for some Rock Climbing.

I wouldn't necessary say Victoria's swallow-patterned, Miu Miu dress and YSL heels appropriate exactly, but you can't deny it's fabulousness.

pictures via dailymail and Celebrity-Gossip.net