17 June 2010

England Players Embark on Golf Outing

The England players enjoyed a spot of golf on their day off on Sunday. Gareth Barry, James Milner, Stephen Warnock, and Michael Dawson all took part of the fun.

Robert Green tried to forget about his howler against the USMNT by wearing a ridiculous hat. One can only assume.

Peter Crouch was happy to be in the outdoors without a football at his feet. Although, he's had to endure many giraffe jokes since arriving in South Africa.

Wayne Rooney took a wee before teeing off. What's the saying? You can take the Scouser out of Liverpool but you can't take the Scouse out of the highly-paid footballer. I might be making that up. Still fitting though, I think.

pictures via Who Ate All the Pies and daylife

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