31 March 2011

Thursday Thud: Yoann Gourcuff for France

He's very pretty, don't get me wrong. But this side shot of his nipple is slightly disconcerting...

pictures via gettyimages/daylife and Kickette

David Beckham and Sofia Vergara for Pepsi

The footballer joined the Modern Family star on Venice Beach in California to film a advert for Pepsi.

Becks showed off his footie skills to the Colombian actress before heading home on his death mobile motorcycle.

Never said I couldn't appreciate a man in tight leather, though...

pictures via dailymail and The Sun

Footballers are Idiots: Balotelli Darts Punishment

The Manchester City man was caught throwing darts at a youth player in a training ground incident. Like, actual needle point darts. That's just f**ked up. So far no club sanction has been given (also pretty f**ked up).

Not as f**ked up as his hairdo though...

picture via Claudio Villa/Getty Images Europe/zimbio

Is Alex Gerrard Fashionable or Fusty?

What is going on with her blouses? Did she steal them from a granny? I know being old-fashioned has somehow become cool (thanks Henry Holland...), but my opinion is that those fashions should be saved when you no longer have that youthful figure. Don't waste these years.

I'm not going to deny that there's nothing wrong with a good game of bingo, though.

pictures via Ballerazzi and here too

MMMMMMMen of Wales: Gareth, Ryan, and Gary

The language may be on the outs, but the genes are surely on the rise...

pictures via Michael Regan/Getty Images Europe/zimbio

Model Behaviour: David Beckham in Fantastic Man

This could very well have been the Thursday Thud, but then I decided that there was too much clothes...

Still gorgeous though.

pictures via dailymail

Coleen's Bikini Body in Barbados

pictures via The Sun and dailymail

Yummy Mummies: Abbey Clancy and her Mum

Abbey and her mum were out shopping in Liverpool with baby Sophia Ruby. You gotta start training them when they're young, right.

New mum, Abbey, was looking fabulous in skinny jeans. Already. Bish.

pictures via The Sun and dailymail

Rooney Tarts Attending Aintree

Jenny Thompson, 22, and Helen Wood, 23 have gotten VIP tickets to attend the Liverpool horse-racing event this year, despite Coleen Rooney's annual presence. Thankfully, Mrs. Rooney won't be handing out the award for best-dressed this year, so the prostitutes might actually have a chance.

A friend of the two girls stated about them wanting to head to Aintree, "They're not looking for confrontation. They just love horses." Well that and shameless publicity...

picture via The Sun

24 March 2011

Thursday Thud: Gareth Bale's Bum

Two separate angles, same result. ::THUD:: You've been Baled.

pictures via Kickette's twitpic and tumblr

Night and Day: Joe Hart and His Girlfriend

What in god's name is that sweater about? Did he not realize he was in the women's section? Oh and is that your mobile in your pocket or are you just happy to see us? Just your mobile, well boo.

We much prefer your daytime look... but that may just be because of your excessive baggage.Really, it's every girl's dream.

pictures via The Sun

Frank and Christine Grab a Pint After City Match

I hate myself for loving her new fringey bangs...

Right... back to hating her. (Lucky git.)

pictures via The Sun and dailymail

Sylvie van der Vaart Hosts "Let's Dance"

She looks absolutely adorable, but I think that is the most ill-fitting tuxedo... ever.

picture via Friedemann Vogel/Getty Images Europe/zimbio

Beckham Family Enjoy Night at Home Depot Center

Victoria was there with her rose gold watch and mini cupcakes. She even let the boys eat LA Galaxy themed cookies. I'd bet The Beckham family got promotional money for doing so...

Rain +White Kits = Abdominal clinging wonderfulness...

Applause is definitely due.

pictures via dailymail and Victor Decolongon/Getty Images North America/zimbio

Coleen Rooney's Teeny-Weeny Yellow Striped Bikini

Coleen is in Barbados with her mum, brother, and little Kai. It's thoroughly enjoyable that now that she's left the country it's been in the mid-upper 50's and sunny. God obviously enjoys a Coleen-free UK...

pictures via Dona da Bola and dailymail

23 March 2011

Never a Moment of Silence at Chelsea FC

They get filled with gasps and admiring sighs...

picture via Michael Regan/Getty Images Europe/zimbio

Alex Gerrard Takes Girls to Bieber Concert

I hate when parents dress their kids in matching outfits. Is it really necessary? Although, it really doesn't surprise me coming from Alex. Some days she can't even dress herself...

pictures via contactmusic.com