10 June 2009

Frank Heading to Las Vegas Again

Frank Lampard is heading to Las Vegas again this year. It will be similar to his trip in 2007 which he took the week before preseason in LA and just met up with the Chelsea squad once they had landed in the States. He will be going with former teammates Sean Wright-Phillips and Wayne Bridge along with some other footballers. And just like last time they will be staying at the Wynn Hotel and Casino. We all remember the sticky sitchu that he found himself in back in 2007, but here's to hoping that this time around that lucky girl is me...

pictures via google images, The Sun, and News of the World

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Anonymous said...

I'm seeing them at an expo in Baltimore on July 24, so I hope he isn't too worn down from drink and/or debauchery. I suppose I'll make allowances for the latter if you're involved. Cheers!