27 October 2008

Sabrina Keogh Bids Jermaine Jenas Adieu

sabrina and jermaine
In other relationship news, the baby mama to Jermaine Jenas’ little 11-month-old bubba, Sancha Natasha, has left him over his unacceptable football star behavior. The former career woman quit her job in order to take on motherhood. But rather than spending time with his only daughter, Jermaine seems to have his mates over more often than not.

His mates weren’t the only issue I bet. I’m predicting he became inconsolable after Tottenham’s current state of affairs and ranking on the Premier League table. The constant weeping and uncontrollable sobbing probably became too much. I'm going to make the assumption that Sabrina was sick of babying Jermaine more than Sancha.

picture via The Sun

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